Mobile Device Management – Features to Compare for the Best

September 12, 2016

Allowing employees use their personal devices at work brings immediate benefits of reduced investment on purchasing new devices, while saving other hassles of device maintenance. However, the rising BYOD trend has raised various security concerns for corporate data shared across mobile devices. This has led to the evolution of mobile device management solutions, allowing businesses to address all the challenges and reap beneficial results. Choosing the right solution needs business owners to evaluate their mobility needs and find the one that fits perfectly. An effective Mobile Device Management solution should be flexible, support various types of device and OS platforms, and comprises of features required by an organization to embrace mobility with ease.

There are many critical factors that a business should consider while finding the best MDM tool. A list of basic features that every enterprise needs to look for, when choosing an enterprise mobility solution, are discussed below. Though you should add your unique requirements and any additional needs when searching for an MDM solution for your business.

  • Operating system compatibility:With numerous OS platforms available in the smartphone market, a few are quite popular among consumers, like Android, iOS, and Cyanogen. The Mobile Device Management tools you are looking for, should provide support to the commonly used mobile operating system variants, particularly the ones used by your employees.
  • Customer Support:The MDM solution should be backed by a customer support service through a dedicated helpdesk. Compare different solution providers in terms of the features of their support service, like multichannel, self service options, and others.
  • Security:With the increasing use of personal devices at work, to access corporate data and other resources, security has become a top concern for the enterprises. So, the tool you are going to use for your enterprise mobility should address the concerns for data and devices in the market. Some of the key security features of an MDM tool include root/jailbreak detection, malware detection, remote device lock, and data wipe among others.
  • Reporting:The mobile device management tool should be flexible enough to help you get the required reports. Some of the common reports required by businesses with an enterprise mobility solution include notifications, alerts, analytics, location tracking, and more.
  • Mobile Device Management:Many MDM solutions available today offer a centralized dashboard or admin panel to manage all the devices. The administrator simply needs to log in to the system and start managing devices, tracking information, generating & fetching reports, and do the desired tasks.
  • Integration:The solution you choose should be capable of integrating with your existing software and programs. A seamless integration of cloud apps, services, web-based email, and any other services allows employees to work more efficiently and deliver better results.

Thus, finding the right mobile device management solution needs you to invest both time and efforts to compare different products. You can also opt for trial or demonstration of MDM tools from multiple vendors, to get hands-on experience before paying for a complete solution or subscription.

DeviceMax offers a comprehensive MDM solution that caters to unique business needs of different industry verticals with a complete set of mobility-enabling features. DeviceMax MDM has served some of the top enterprises with its MDM solution, allowing them to embrace mobility with ease, improved productivity, and enhanced security. We have developed efficient device management suites to cater to mobility challenges prevailing in different types of industries.