8 Best Mobile Device Management Features

December 27, 2016

Mobile Management Software

There was a time when Mobile Management Software or Mobile MDM was only used by big companies but now with the advanced technology world small budget companies also demand for this software as productivity of employees and data security is the main issue of all the companies.. This Mobile MDM software deployed easily & secure number of devices in your company and organization. It has transformed the business and give major impacts on employees productivity and efficiency.

Certain features to consider before choosing Mobile Device Management Software:

  • Deployment: Deploying an MDM on a new device in the corporate network should be easy and hassle-free, and should take less time.
  • Whitelist/Blacklist Filters: MDM should help you choose applications and websites, to be allowed for your employees. Employer can even install/uninstall any application remotely, from user device.
  • Custom App Store:With Mobile Device Management Software solution, enterprises can push required apps to user devices, either from the official play store, or from a custom app store. The custom store contains applications developed by an organization, for internal use only.
  • Application Security:Does the Mobile Device Management vendors offer in-built application security support, for scanning the viruses and prevention from other threats?
  • Browser Security: Is the browser safe? As filtered mobile web browsing can lower the risk of attack on mobile device, does the MDM vendor provide this security feature?
  • Encryption Level:Can you have to encrypt the entire device, or MDM vendor allows you to encrypt company’s particular files and folders?
  • Data Wipe:Is MDM solution capable of allowing you wipe data on user device, remotely?
  • Inventory Management:Is it easy to search, custom filter, and modify individual mobile endpoints, for hundreds of managed mobile devices?

Mobile Management System or Mobile Device Management product is meant to add more, to the measures taken by enterprises to secure mobile devices used at work. Though rapid penetration of smart devices has raised the application of these pocket gadgets in the corporate world, it has brought in many challenges as well, which an effective MDM solution can help tackle, delivering sustainable growth opportunities to enterprises.

As we provide comprehensive MDM Services or Mobile management software to the enterprises and companies to secure and monitor their employees devices.