Mobile Device Management Solution: Managed Mobility for Businesses

October 26, 2016

mobile device management solution

In today’s connected world, it has become nearly impossible for enterprises to prevent the use of mobile devices in the workplace. Apart from personal tasks, people also tend to use their smartphones and tablets for official purposes. Permitting employees to use their own devices at work reduces the hassles & costs of buying new devices. Not only this, it also adds to data security concerns that can be addressed with an efficient mobile device management Solutions.

The rising BYOD trend has raised some serious security issues towards the access to and use of corporate data on mobile devices. Thus, it has become essential for every business, allowing mobile device use to invest in MDM solution for secure and productive results. There are several specific benefits of MDM for organizations, which are focused on protecting the corporate data shared.

Let’s have a look why an MDM solution entices businesses in today’s era of rising connectivity.

  • Web-based Management Console: Managers or administrators can log into a secure web-based control panel, to set up, enroll & manage all devices deployed in the workplace. With no need for on-site servers, businesses need to spend less on developing and maintaining servers, to control devices via the corporate network.
  • Manage Multiple Devices Simultaneously: Increased use of smartphones in the enterprise world needs business managers to invest a solution for managing multiple devices simultaneously. Also, when devices from mutliple OEMs are available, a mobile device management software should allow adding & managing varied device settings and features.
  • Remotely Manage Applications: You can manage apps, installed on devices used by employees, over the air. The MDM tool allows IT admins to push new apps or updates to existing ones, install/uninstall apps, & even block apps of non-official use, remotely.
  • User Profiles: One can create different profiles, allowing admins to define what users can access through their device over the corporate network. This includes defining access to internet browsing, apps, setting up an email account, and more.
  • Groups: With every organization having multiple levels or grades of employees, access to corporate resources depend on the same. This allows IT managers to define policies and access to data & information as per employee division, job category, and other classification. Further, managers across departments can be granted admin access to control devices used by their juniors, for simpler & more efficient mobility.
  • Security: With employees bringing their own devices, security of corporate data on them is a major concern. A mobile device management Software allows enforcing password or pin use, remotely lock the device and wipe data, and do more to prevent misuse.

Vital Components of Effective Mobile Device Management

While choosing an MDM tool for your organization, how do you choose an appropriate one? Refer the following mini-checklist to know some key recommended features.

  • Ability to restrict employee devices for selective website access
  • Policy Management, to enforce corporate policies to individual or group based devices
  • App Management to enable use of allowed apps only, with remote installation/un-installation features.
  • Real-time device monitoring & location tracking, as well as enable Geo fencing
  • Remotely lock the employee device and wipe data on-device
  • Access to, and ability to modify, device settings remotely.
  • Customize individual or group-based user rights on devices used by employees.

Thus, having the ability to control and manage mobile devices used by employees helps managers reduce costs and improve efficiencies significantly. However, access to the right mobile device management tool ensures that the workforce stays productive, for better business results.

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