Why Enterprises Need Mobile Enterprise Application Platform?

January 3, 2017

Mobile Enterprise Application Platform

In the global market, Mobile Enterprise Application platform or MEAP is an effective solution to mobilize a business. Due to advanced mobility systems and solutions, the work patterns have changed. Smart devices have significantly developed, leading to a rise in mobility with their penetration across the corporate world. The changing BYOD behavior hints at the increasing use of personal devices by employees to access enterprise data, and a challenge for business leaders to either adapt to it or get outpaced by competitors.

Businesses should, in order to stay ahead in the competitive environment, adopt an effective Enterprise Mobility Management Solution. With various service providers available, some of the vital features and practices to be considered, to make the best choice, are discussed below:

  • Security: In the enterprise world, security of mobile devices accessing corporate data holds prime importance. An effective EMM allows enterprises enforce device-level encryption, PIN/password protection, and remotely lock/wipe devices, to prevent unauthorized access to confidential data.
  • App Store: With apps being a vital part of smartphones today, ability to manage employees’ app use experience is another vital feature of an effective mobility management solution. Choose an EMM solution that provides you a dedicated app store to enable easy access to corporate apps, allowing administrators to block/remove unwanted apps and restrict use of non-enterprise apps during work hours.
  • Enable Policies: With more users preferring the use of personal devices for corporate tasks, enforcing corporate policies on mobile devices of field force can help enable security and improve productivity, allowing mobile users switch easily between personal and professional activities.
  • Analytics: An EMM solution should be capable of providing an analysis of user devices over vital parameters including wireless network or mobile data usage, cost of mobility management per user, and employee engagement/app usage.

Mobile Enterprise Application Platform or Enterprise Mobility Management can be simplified through a mobile device management solution, which covers management of information and applications, along with the device, as well as analytics.