Mobility Challenges & Device Management Solutions in India

Device management solutions

Smartphones and tablets have merged seamlessly with businesses today to create an advanced mobile corporate world. This emerging trend not only allows organizations to increase productivity, but also save costs as well as analyze, and use behavior data of mobile users for better business. While employees are increasingly using mobile devices at work, enterprises need efficient Device Management Solutions to meet business productivity & security needs.

Mobile device use in India, for both personal and business use, has increased significantly, recently. As per IDC report, volume of smartphones shipped to India increased by 15.4% from 22.2 million units in Q4 2014 to 25.6 million in Q4 2015. With this, mobility has become a catalyst to the performance of businesses today, significantly impacting customer service, employee productivity, and other vital aspects.

Citrix Mobile Analytics Report observed a rise of 72% in the number of managed mobile devices in enterprises from 2014 to 2015. However, mobility management encounters various challenges as well, which should be addressed with proper solutions.

  • Mobile Device Management: With businesses willing to stay updated with the latest technology advancements, various mobility concepts have emerged, like BYOD, CYOD, and more. The emergence of these concepts has increased the use of mobile devices at work, with employers’ consent. Despite this, many personally owned devices fail to comply with BYOD policies of an organization due to the lack of enterprise-grade security features.
    Solution: To address these challenges, organizations should invest in modern device management solutions to ensure optimum security of corporate data. With security breaches expected from a number of sources, IT managers need to adopt solutions along with various precautions.
  • Security Challenges: The dynamically changing mobile environment poses a number of difficulties for enterprises while devising and deploying suitable security measures. Enterprises today consider the security of corporate resources as their top priority aspect of mobility.
    Addressing the Challenge: Security is going to be a never-ending challenge in the mobility space, which can be addressed with regular trials and updates to strategies & solutions. Organizations should keep a note of their mistakes and invest in required resources to avoid any severe attack, breaching the security of their corporate data.
  • User Experience: Experience of end-users is a key driver of adoption of mobile devices, which further fuels ROI. Enterprises face the challenge of delivering a positive user experience to its mobile employees, similar to the one with desktop devices.
    Delivering a Better Experience: Companies can address this by investing in the development and deployment of apps that offer a positive user experience, driving employee engagement and performance at work.
  • Apps for Enterprise Use: Though developing & deploying apps could boost user experience and engagement, security of app and related data is another serious challenge. Though allowing use of enterprise apps on employees’ personal devices helps boost productivity, but poses a risk to app data from malware, other apps, and other sources.
    Securing App Data: An efficient mobility management solution offers containerization that helps keep corporate data sage in a separate storage on employee device. IT managers should invest in solutions that help them enforce app use and data security policies with ease.

Devising a Robust Mobile Strategy

Thus, enterprises need to understand the potential of device management solutions and leverage the same to reap the benefits of a connected, mobile business. The mobility strategy should be prepared with a forward thinking approach, focusing on present needs & opportunities with scalable Enterprise Mobility Management.

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