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Mobility Management Solution

Managing devices used by employees on-field has been a hot topic in the corporate world, with new solutions emerging to manage applications & data as well. A successful Enterprise Mobility Management combines all the aspects of corporate mobile device use by employees as well as customers. Further, mobility solutions available as  an easy-to-use and reliable package offer businesses with flexibility to operate from anywhere, efficiently.

At DeviceMax, we have a comprehensive set of mobility management solution strategies for various industries, helping them improve business productivity & security. Our solutions help businesses overcome mobility challenges, by securely deploying mobile devices, applications, and data.

Whether you are looking to easily manage mobility-enabled workforce or supply chain, digitize in-store operations, or control your fleet, our solutions can help you achieve your objectives.

Enterprise Device Management Solutions

Our experts have designed, robust Enterprise Device Management Solutions to help different industries overcome mobility challenges. We have categorized our solutions according to the features offered, and the industries being served.

DeviceMax MDM

A comprehensive mobility management solution for IT admins to remotely manage mobile devices allocated to employees, with productivity & security features.

  • Manage smartphones, tablets, and rugged devices
  • Real-time device tracking
  • Remote device lock & data wipe features
  • Manage on-device apps, remotely
  • Enforce corporate policies

DeviceMax Lockdown

Lock down the company-owned mobile devices to the home screen, allowing access to a particular set of apps only, or turn the tablets into digital kiosks.

  • Password-protected kiosk mode
  • Custom branding
  • Enterprise App Store
  • Remote app management
  • Remotely allow/disallow app use

Addressing Mobility Challenges of Industries

Our enterprise device management tools are devised to address specific challenges of every industry, helping businesses achieve their goals.

Challenges of Enterprises

  • Unauthorized use of resources allocated for official purposes
  • Difficulty troubleshooting mobile workforce’s devices
  • Inefficient tracking of field force
  • Security issues for corporate data on mobile devices

Retail Challenges

  • Long queues, causing customer dissatisfaction
  • Time-consuming processes for manual requests
  • Less options to digitize & reduce human effort
  • Device loss or theft risks

Logistics Challenges

  • Lack of insights into fleet location & time management
  • Inability to track real-time location of employees
  • Inefficient re-routing or resource utilization

These are a few of the industry challenges that DeviceMax helps address with its reliable Enterprise Mobile Management. Get the mobility management solution customized to the specific needs of your business.

How Industries Benefit from our Enterprise Mobility Solutions?

Our comprehensive solutions offer a number of benefits to business owners, in terms of productivity, security, as well as cost.

  • Cost saving by eliminating non-official use of corporate resources
  • Better business output with employees getting more productive
  • High-level of data security, with features to prevent unauthorized data use (even in case of device loss or theft)
  • Process optimization with efficient management of mobile workforce 

Choose DeviceMax for your Enterprise Mobility Needs

With the evolution of mobility enterprise solutions industry, DeviceMax has emerged as one of the best solution providers. Our solutions focus entirely on solving mobility challenges, and can be customized to meet unique business needs.

Contact us to know how our solutions can simplify mobility for your business. We also offer a free trial for 30 days to let business owners experience the benefits of choosing DeviceMax, practically.