How To Provide Online Smartphone Support Quickly?

December 7, 2020


Derek Siver has rightly said, “Customer service is the new marketing.” When you offer your customers a superior service, they are likely to recommend you to others. Therefore, to offer a high quality service, online smartphone support tool helps telcos to deliver instant resolutions to customer queries within just a few clicks. Device and support guides provided by online smartphone support tool assist subscribers to resolve any device issues related to installation, troubleshooting and maintenance and help to increase customer experience. It enables telecom operators to offer best support experience to users and increases customer care center’s efficiency.

Here’s how online smartphone support guides help customers

Step by Step Tutorials

Online smartphone support tool provides rich and intuitive smartphone help content to assist customers to solve common device issues on their own. It provides an interactive explanation of the most common handset issues encountered by customers in the form of step by step tutorials to make it interesting for customers and increase user experience. The subscribers have to simply follow the instructions tailored for their own device model on the screen and self solve the issue.

Guides for Apps

Telecommunication companies have dedicated budgets to build, manage as well as upgrade their self care apps. However, adoption of these apps by customers is equally significant. Therefore, the online smartphone support tool also helps with guides for self care apps. Create interactive visual journeys to explain customers how to make the most of your self care app for scenarios related to recharges, VAS, bill payments and more. This helps to deflect call volume at contact centers and reduces operational costs.

Device Help

Whether customers need help to set up their new device, resolve technical issues related to their handsets or connect it to Wi-Fi, they reach out primarily to their network operators. However, with online smartphone support, customers can find all the comprehensive device information presented in interactive step by step guides. Right from detailed specifications to guided steps regarding device issues such as internet setup, mailbox configuration, battery optimization and more, the online smartphone support provides customers with everything, thereby helping them to self solve the issue and increase CSAT. The smartphone support tool also includes scenarios for instances where diagnosing is required.


The smartphone support tool offers customers an easy walkthrough to the most common issues related to devices that subscribers encounter. The step by step decision trees with visual navigation assists both customers as well as support agents to decide the next best action to resolve the issue. The device and support guides can be easily published across your self care app, website as well as contact centers to help both customers and support agents to resolve any issues related to installation or troubleshooting.

Create Guides On Your Own

The online smartphone support tool also helps telcos to create their own custom guides. It enables them to create device guides for their apps, value added services and for other hardware including IoT devices, routers, smartphones, IPTVs and more. This helps telecom operators to provide users flexible self care and superior customer service.

How online smartphone support benefit telecom companies?

Reduce OPEX by Deflecting Support Calls

Online smartphone support enables telecom operators to help their customers proactively. It empowers customers to self solve any issue regarding the device in just a few clicks, therefore deflecting support calls and helping telcos to reduce operational expenses. Device and support guides provide customers flexible self care and exceptional call center service. Consequently, superior customer support service increases customer loyalty as well as NPS (Net Promoter Score) and minimizes care costs.

Also, with the help of device and support guides, agents can resolve any issue faced by customers during the first call itself, thereby increasing FCR (First Call Resolution) rate and slashing lengthy support calls as well as costs.

Offer Superior Support Experience

Online smartphone support consists of rich and intuitive device help guides packed with useful and easy to follow information, helping customers to resolve common device issues and offering them a superior customer support experience. Its online device manuals, comprehensive device capability information and visual how-to guides allow customers as well as support agents to find quick resolutions to device and service related issues. These device and support guides enable users to solve device issues anytime, anywhere in just a few clicks without any hassles, thus increasing customer experience as well as loyalty.

Increase Call Centre Efficiency

With the help of online smartphone support tool, customers can get quick resolutions to their queries and self solve their issues, thus reducing call volume as well as operational costs. This helps customer care specialists to focus on more complex issues, improve customer retention and increase call center efficiency. With the help of interactive device and support guides, agents can offer quicker and better service at the call center, thus increasing FCR rate and optimizing call center efficiency.

Final Thoughts

In this digital era, having a smartphone with issues can impact a person’s day to day activities and cause frustration which ultimately leads to a poor customer experience. Thus, with the help of online smartphone support tool, customers can self solve any device issues related to installation, troubleshooting, thereby increasing CSAT. The device and support guides can be published across self care app and website, thus, helping customers get instant resolutions for device issues anytime, anywhere. This helps customers to unleash the full potential of devices leading to higher ARPUs.

Devicemax, a KocharTech company, provides a platform to manage connected customer concerns for MNOs (Mobile Network Operators), MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators), ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and more. One of our key value proposition is a rich repository of more than 18,000 connected devices that includes IPTVs, smartphones, IoT devices, routers and more that covers over 40+ scenarios related to installation and troubleshooting. Also, updations in the repository are done on a regular basis.

One of our clients, Etisalat UAE, the country’s first telecommunications provider is highly benefitting from our online smartphone support tool. The company has integrated device and support guides within their website to help customers resolve their installation and troubleshooting related queries, thus increasing user experience and satisfaction.