How Does MDM Helps In Optimal Mobile Device Usage?

March 22, 2017

Mobile device management

In the era of technological advancements, smart mobile devices are becoming an inseparable part of business processes. Whether you are running a small business or own an established company, your employees are accessing your business information through mobile devices provided to them. However, it has been observed that employees mostly use their mobile devices for unauthorized personal use. This not only reduces their productivity but also violates company policies. Mobile Device Management Solution comes with unique features that  help you solve these challenges and enable you to restrict the usage of mobile devices as per your requirements.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution enables tracking, control and support of the mobile devices deployed among the mobile service providers, operators and in an organization. MDM functionality ordinarily incorporates virtual distribution of applications, information and data including configuration settings for a wide range of mobile gadgets like smartphones, laptops, tablets, versatile printers, and so forth.

While monitoring and securely ensuring the data and setup settings for all devices in the workplace network, mobility management can reduce the business risks and support costs. A Cloud Based MDM solution can optimize or upgrade the functionality and security of a communication network while minimizing expense and downtime.

Why has there been an increased interest in mobile device management in enterprises?

The prominence in use of individual mobile phones, laptops and tablets has made a solid request to utilize individual gadgets at work. In other words, employees feel comfortable in  utilizing their own gadgets for work and are willing to bear the cost of maintenance, liability and upgrades. Companies ask employees to bring their own devices (BYOD) since it boosts their productivity and also helps in saving costs. Likewise, the networking advantages offered to the top-level executives and  directors,  for improving business growth and explore more profitable revenues presents a convincing case to utilize smart mobile devices at work or during travel.

List of challenges solved by mobile device management solution:

  • Enable/Disable apps remotely: With the help of Mobile Device Manager, you can install or uninstall selected applications remotely. With this feature you can stop use of unauthorized applications on the mobile devices. For example, if an employee installs WhatsApp in his device, you can remotely uninstall the same. In fact, if you have already set the parameters in your dashboard, then the selected apps will be uninstalled automatically just after installation.
  • Whitelist authorized websites only: Today’s smartphones are a great tool to surf internet. However, not all websites are related to your business. Thereby, it is better for you to shortlist only those websites that your employees need to access. For example, you can whitelist some websites like your company website, research portals, competitor pages, 3rd party websites etc. On the flip side, you can also blacklist some websites like social media websites, job portals, video streaming websites etc. This feature helps you to enforce company policies better and save mobile data cost.
  • Device Settings control: With the help of MDM Solution, you can control device settings that help you to remotely turn on/off Bluetooth, mobile data and other tools to make sure, the user does not share your valuable information to anyone else. This feature also enables you to restrict users from changing user settings. For example, if you do not want your product details to be exposed in the market before you launch it, you can lock the settings of the employee devices where the data is shared and turn off all the tools which are involved in sharing information.

With these three advanced features, use of mobile devices for unofficial purposes can be restricted. If you are planning to deploy Mobile Device Management in your business, you can choose DeviceMax Mobile Device Management Software that offers advanced features like those mentioned above in its product portfolio.