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remote esim provisioning

eSim Provisioning: Everything you need to know

Role of Visual Guides

Role of Visual Guides for Routers, IPTVs & IoT Hardware


Location Tracking: How To Find My Device Using MDM?


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MDM vs EMM: What is the difference?

December 29, 2020

Managing and securing corporate devices across organizational operations is more integral for business success than ever before. As the volume of confidential information transferred across endpoints for high level business operations is growing, the need to proactively manage corporate devices is also increasing. Therefore, leveraging a mobility management solution is crucial to monitor and secure …
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How Sim & Device Management helps telcos to deliver complete CX

December 22, 2020

With the emergence of digitization, telcos are observing an explosion of competition. Due to the rapid changes brought in by latest technological developments, customers’ requirements have increased. Moreover, with Covid-19 outbreak, people and businesses are shifting to digital means to manage their work load, which has given way to increased networking requirements. Consequently, to thrive …
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5 Tips on Supporting Your Remote Workers with FSM Software

December 15, 2020

Monitoring and contacting field service workers is challenging.  Without the right tools, doing so can get costly and inefficient in the long run. If you’re struggling to support and manage your remote teams, it is high time to start looking into the various field service management solutions (FSM) for your business. These are software solutions …
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How Telecom Operators Can Increase Call Center Efficiency

December 10, 2020

It is rightly remarked, “The more efficient your business, the more profitable you are.”  Each and every day, call centers carry out hundreds of processes, right from handling customer interactions to training, attending meetings, etc. However, with onset of digital age, customer demands have significantly increased and if your call center is not keeping up …
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Online Smartphone Support: Wow Your Customers With Instant Resolutions To Device Queries

December 7, 2020

Derek Siver has rightly said, “Customer service is the new marketing.” When you offer your customers a superior service, they are likely to recommend you to others. Therefore, to offer a high quality service, online smartphone support tool helps telcos to deliver instant resolutions to customer queries within just a few clicks. Device and support …
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What is Mobile Device Management & Why it matters to telecom operators?

December 1, 2020

Historically, telecommunication companies have struggled to work on subscriber devices remotely. Moreover, waiting for too long to get queries resolved, leaves a negative impact on customer experience. However, MDM for telecom empowers operators to effectively and efficiently manage each stage of the customer lifecycle starting from provisioning the device with certified configuration settings and service …
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The Role of Wearables Devices Within The Workplace

November 25, 2020

Tech companies have revolutionized wearable devices, thus creating a space in the industry for tools that protect and inform users in their day-to-day lives. The adoption of wearables in corporate world is increasing at a significant pace. Wearables have the potential to unlock a new world of technology for both employers as well as employees …
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Contactless Service: Visual Engagement Strategies To Step Up Customer Support

November 19, 2020

Telecommunications industry is undergoing a huge digital transformation. This paradigm shift has empowered telcos to serve customers in the most effective and efficient way possible. Moreover, as the countries across the world continue their fight against Covid-19 pandemic, telcos are trying to discover alternative methods of serving their customers without direct person-to-person contact. Moving beyond …
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How EMM Solution Helps Businesses Improve Overall Performance 

November 11, 2020

The increasing popularity of smartphones and their extensive adoption in corporate world is a proven fact. As enterprises are facing the growing need to offer employees flexible remote work options, it has become crucial for them to leverage security software to manage, monitor and secure data that is being accessed through these devices remotely. This …
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Device Management – A Ticket For Telecom Operators To Reduce OPEX

October 22, 2020

Nearly every telecom operator in the world faces a steep hill to climb when it comes to reducing overhead costs. It can be overwhelming at times if you do not have proper tools or support to overcome this issue. However, device management solution helps telecom operators to cut down operational expenditure while keeping customer experience …
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