Reasons Why mPOS Devices Need Better Security

September 26, 2017

Mobile POS systems have changed the culture of cash payments. Waiting in queues with cash in hand is not only time-consuming but outmoded. Consumers and business owners alike have swiftly adopted the shift from cash to card. There are a range of businesses using mobile POS systems to their advantage. The flexibility of a POS system running on an Android device has endowed agility to businesses, which accounts for enhanced customer experience. Although processing payments on android tablets and smartphones is simple and convenient yet they are not secure until they are aptly dealt with. Businesses need to be more attentive about potential threats to mPOS devices and also consider having an mPOS solution in place.

Following threats can compromise the security of an mPOS system:

  • Mobile POS Data is a Treasure for Hackers
    Data in Android devices can be compromised. Malware attacks can put sensitive transaction data into wrong hands. Malicious apps and URLs are the most common sources of malware. App downloads and clicking on random links must be restricted on POS devices to avoid unsafe data exposure and misuse.
  • Passwords & User Accounts are Vulnerable
    Passwords are prone to brute force attacks and once the attackers crack it, they can have access to sensitive credit card information. On the other hand, keeping the same password for long and doing irregular updates in account may create the possibility of an employee misusing the same after leaving. Changing passwords and removing user accounts becomes essential when there is staff turnover. Also, enforcing password security on a device is a vital step to restrict its misuse.
  • Unauthorized Access to POS App Invites Trouble
    Miscreants attack POS apps to steal credit/debit card information, which can be used to make fraudulent purchases, resulting in financial losses for customers. Also, this can make retailers landing up in a legal trouble for the exploitation of customers’ credit card information even though they have not done the same.

Android mobile devices carry a number of features and are designed for convenience of use. They are not necessarily meant to process payments. This is why they need a more reliable security solution. Click here to know how you can secure your mPOS devices using trusted mPOS solutions.