Remote Support For Enteprises: Why MDM Is The Right Solution?

September 21, 2020

Remote-support software

Field agents need their mobile devices throughout the day to easily connect with their team and customers. However, a single technical glitch can put their tasks at hold and prevent them from doing their work efficiently. Therefore, a mobile device management solution is essential to manage remote devices and streamline business operations. 

MDM software empowers enterprises to deliver a seamless remote support experience by offering them remote access of all the managed devices. It helps to install applications, push content and troubleshoot device issues remotely to increase business viability. 

As per a report, the global mobile device management (MDM) market size is expected to grow from USD 4.3 billion in 2020 to USD 15.7 billion by 2025, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 29.6% during the forecast period.

How MDM solution helps in remote device management

Install or Uninstall Applications

From installation or deletion to downloading app updates, mobile device management helps businesses to do everything remotely to keep the devices up to date and ensure that only safe and relevant applications are installed on managed devices. It enables enterprises to manage app permissions, licenses, configurations and define policies for applications to increase security. Unauthorized and malicious applications can be deleted from the device remotely and unknown sources option can be disabled to prevent employees from installing third party apps on devices. 

Remote Troubleshooting

IT teams come across numerous device issues everyday such as device breakdown, crashed apps, cranky networks, etc and resolving these issues conventionally can be really time-consuming and exhausting. However, MDM goes beyond simple troubleshooting and helps to keep devices streamlined and protected. It empowers businesses to take a proactive approach to manage devices and troubleshoot device issues remotely. The admin can view device screen, take screenshots and provide remote assistance to users in need of technical support without physically accessing the device.

Push Content Remotely

With the help of mobile device management, an admin can push content in real-time such as documents, presentations, schedules, media files, emails, changes in policies, agreements, etc to one or more devices without user intervention. It helps to copy multiple files in different folders and upload them remotely to managed devices. It enables employees to easily access corporate data anytime anywhere. The data present in devices can also be encrypted to render it unreadable to unauthorized users and increase security. 

Remote Lock/Wipe

There are many instances in the corporate world where a mobile device storing scores of confidential business files gets stolen. In such a case MDM software enables organizations to lock or wipe a device remotely. Enforce complex passcodes to prevent someone else from using the device or wipe a device remotely to delete data. Full data wipe allows to delete all the files and folders from a device whereas partial data wipe feature allows to delete some specific folders from device storage.

Intuitive Dashboard

MDM solution draws real-time data from all the devices under management across different locations and turns them into insightful reports on dashboard. It offers businesses with a bird eye view of complete device inventory and provides detailed overviews regarding device battery level, enrollment status, compliance metrics, network status, and more. A central dashboard helps gain end-to-end visibility to automate application management, simplify policy enforcement and troubleshoot issues. Providing enterprises with a comprehensive analysis of managed devices, it enables them to make informed decisions to scale business growth.

Device Tracking

Keeping a check on field workers to ensure if a device is used for intended purpose is no more a strenuous task. Location tracking feature of MDM software allows enterprises to track real-time location of all the managed devices over map and retrieve GPS coordinates, connected date/time and accuracy. In case of a geofence breach, restrict user access to corporate resources to prevent data leakage. Also, MDM helps businesses to monitor device health status including app updates, APN, device storage, battery level and more. 


Reduce Device Downtime

Field agents need their devices up-to-date throughout the day so as to easily communicate with their team as well as customers. With the help of MDM software, admin can deliver real-time assistance to employees in need of technical support, thus helping to reduce device downtime and the need for agent involvement. From petulant networks to apps that crash in-between, MDM resolves it right then without the need of bringing the device to IT team for repair. It empowers businesses to fix issues remotely and increase device availability. 

Cost Optimization

Set restrictions on non-business applications such as data-hungry games, social media apps, video and music apps, gallery, etc to empower field agents to focus at work and reduce data consumption. Security settings such as web filtering also helps to decrease website visits and downloads. Remotely diagnose and troubleshoot device issues to increase device availability and reduce support costs. Moreover, adopting BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy has helped many organizations save on employee device costs and reduce OPEX. 

Enhance Data Security

Confidential enterprise data may fall into wrong hands in case a device is stolen or goes missing. However, with MDM, businesses can now secure even their stolen devices by remotely wiping or locking it, therefore, increasing security of their data. The admin can also block file sharing access, messages, bluetooth, screen capture functionality, copy/paste feature, USB, and more to prevent employees from sharing corporate data with others. Furthermore, a separate work container is used in employee-owned devices to keep business applications and files separate from personal data. Also, the container is secured with a password to prevent unauthorized access. 

Drive Business Growth

Mobile device management allows to monitor device screen, take screenshots and troubleshoot issues right then without any need to physically access the device. Remotely diagnose and fix device issues to reduce equipment downtime, increase operational efficiency and enhance business growth. Physically locate where the device is, when it was last operational and check routes followed by field agents. Disable social media apps and other entertainment applications to increase employee productivity and drive business forward.


MDM platform helps to provide granular control of the entire device ecosystem and control the usage of managed devices so that they are used for the intended purpose. It empowers businesses to enforce robust security policies on both corporate as well as employee-owned devices and troubleshoot device issues remotely to reduce equipment downtime and increase device availability.  

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