What Is The Right Way To Manage Mobile Security Android?

November 19, 2016

Mobile Security Android

Mobile devices have replaced desktop computers in companies, and transformed the workplace from fixed workstations to flexible, handy devices. Accessing corporate network and data from wireless devices creates a number of Mobile security android and other issues, which can be addressed with a robust Mobile Management System solution.

But, before digging deeper, you should know about MDM and its various aspects.

What is MDM?

MDM  is a tool to allow companies to manage mobile devices and  mobile data management  used by their employees in the workplace. This tool helps organizations ensure that employees work productively with remote device and application management features, maintaining security for data shared with them. Mobile workers enjoy a freedom of working from anywhere, with complete access to required corporate resources, data, and enterprise applications.

Security Concerns with Mobile Devices

Being compact and portable, mobile devices are more prone to be lost or stolen, from one’s pocket or hands, or if left unattended somewhere. Also, these are easy point of attack for cybercriminals, and can be more easily hacked than computers or laptops as most users don’t even activate the basic security features.

Various studies have reported a rise in the cases of mobile theft, loss, and security breaches in the recent times. A Mobile security app helps organizations ensure security of sensitive corporate data stored on mobile devices used by field force.

What Does MDM Cover?

An effective mobile device management solution (MDM EMM) combines mobility management and control features, for enhanced productivity and security. Some of the common features available with mobility solutions include:

  • Corporate Policy Management
  • Device Configuration & monitoring
  • Remote Device Lock & Data Wipe
  • Remote Mobile App Management
  • Location Tracking & Geo-fencing
  • Remote file, data, and app push

In short, Mobile Device Management MDM offers a complete protection for the device, data, and network from any security breach, offering flexibility and outreach of a mobile workforce.

Find the Right Solution

A good enterprise device management solution will cater to all your business needs, and help you reap all the benefits of mobility for your business. In order to find the right solution for you, evaluate your specific mobility needs, number of devices to be managed, and compare different solutions in terms of the features discussed above.

Some features that you can compare to find the right match, if your business needs them, are:

  • OS Support: There are a number of operating systems available today in the smartphone marketplace, and you should evaluate the popular ones at your enterprise. Now, find the mobility solution that supports the required operating systems.
  • Mobile Security Android: As you are going to connect numerous mobile devices to your enterprise network, you should check for the mobile security app feature available with the solution.
  • Mobile Application Management
  • Mobile Content Management
  • Ease of Use

Thus, with the rapid penetration of wireless mobile devices and BYOD trends in the enterprise world, solutions are available to avoid mobility challenges. Though it is essential to find the right tool that delivers best matching features for your business needs.

DeviceMax offers a comprehensive Mobile security android or MDM for android solution that has enabled better productivity with secure mobility for some of the top enterprises. With industry-specific solutions, DeviceMax helps its clients cater to the mobility challenges of the future, and improve business results & ROI.