Role Of Enterprise Apps In Endpoint Data Management In Corporate

November 14, 2016

Enterprise Apps

Can your company benefit from having Enterprise apps? Most can. Application at an affordable price you want, then all you need is an enterprise mobility platform. There are over 2.12 billion smart mobile phones in use worldwide. China alone supports over 563 million smartphones in active use, and that’s with a penetration rate of just 75%. (In contrast, there are 326 million mobile phones in use in the USA & 1.03 phones for each man, woman, and child in the country.) Each smartphone creates numerous types of data every day. These data include Short Message Service (text message) data, call detail records, Geo location data, financial transaction data associated with mobile banking and shopping, log data via the use of mobile applications, and social media data from updates to Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. This complete set of data brings in the concept of Big data for mobile devices and this data is useful for analytics.
The MDM Solutions is applied for your enterprise owned devices and BYODs. The number of devices your employees use for an official purpose also generates a large amount of data every day as well as they access to corporate data from the same devices that make these smartphones a pool of official data that needs to be taken care of.
Data privacy and security:
However, there are significant privacy, security and data governance issues and risks associated with smart mobile devices and Big Data. From the mobile-device-as-data-source perspective, while many employees understand the consequences of mobile device use and data creation, many of them do not realize that the smartphone in their pocket is similar to a tracking device continuously relaying location, communication and behavior data. As a result of this ignorance, it becomes a threat for enterprises to keep their corporate data safe in employee devices.
To keep the Big data safe and secure, it’s better to opt for a Business mobility software that comes with advanced endpoint data security features. In case a device is lost or stolen, a remote data lock and wipe feature can help to secure the data. In some cases, industry regulations and legal restrictions that limit the types of workers who can access sensitive data, so big mobile analytics data only after careful evaluation of the implications of any new project should start rule. In fact, some advanced settings in the devices help to stop sharing of corporate data from mobile devices. You can also deploy enterprise app related to the business. These features packed Mobile Device Management tools can certainly help you to secure company data.
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