Role of Visual Guides for Routers, IPTVs & IoT Hardware

March 4, 2021

Role of Visual Guides

Providing great products or services is no longer enough for a telecom operator to earn customer loyalty. Most of the companies fail to attain customer retention as they become unsuccessful in providing solutions to customer queries. Therefore, to differentiate themselves from their competitors, telecom operators need to provide visual guides to increase customer experience.

Visual step by step guides provide resolutions for various devices such as IPTVs, routers, IoT devices, smartphones, etc.  With guidance for a variety of devices, these visual guides ensure that agents have answers to everything a customer asks.

How visual guides help customers solve device issues

Step by Step Tutorials

Visual guides help telecom operators to offer intuitive and engaging visual guidance in the form of step by step tutorials. This helps customers to set up and troubleshoot device issues themselves, thus increasing user experience.  For instance: if a customer is unable to set up a router, then these step by step visual instructions will help the user in self installing the router.

These step by step visual guides allow for faster and efficient resolutions and help telecommunication companies to enhance customer satisfaction.

Troubleshoot Device Issues

Visual step by step guides support resolutions for numerous devices including IoT devices, routers, IPTVs, smartphones and more. These guides can be published across your contact centers, website, self care app to help both customers as well as agents in any scenario related to installation or troubleshooting, thus, making sure that the users unleash full potential of devices, leading to higher ARPUs.

Visual guides help support agents in troubleshooting complex customer interactions and enable them to offer faster resolutions to customer queries.

Broadband Support

With superfast network comes a complex on boarding process. Other common problems faced while using broadband include data plan related concerns, connectivity amongst devices, internet speed and more. All of these issues can be easily solved using step by step visual guides. Right from setting up the device to troubleshooting any device issues, visual guides help customers resolve device problems, thus offering superior experience to customers.

Also, support agents can remotely diagnose issues related to network, hardware or connectivity and resolve issues on the go.

IoT Support

The 5G network is expected to unleash a massive IoT opportunity, greatly benefiting telecommunication companies, enterprises and customers. However, setting up IoT devices can be difficult for customers. This is where device management solution plays a significant role.

Not just for smartphones or routers, device management platform also provides operators a visual guided solution for IoT devices. Ready guides with step by step instructions can be published across your website, self care app and contact centers. This helps users to solve device issues quickly and increase customer experience. Also, self diagnostics keep a check on device and connectivity health at all times in a proactive manner.

How visual guides benefit telecom operators?

Improve FCR (First Call Resolution)

In case of any device issues, customers reach out to telecom operators. This results in lengthy support calls and costs. However, with step by step visual guides, support agents can provide instant resolutions to problems faced by customers. This helps to increase first call resolution rate and increase customer experience.

Visual guides help to simplify set up, installation, and troubleshooting of devices, thus improving first call resolution rate and minimizing call volume.

Increase Agent Productivity

Providing visual customer assistance, device and support guides bridge the gap between contact center agents as well as customers. Support agents can visually guide customers and resolve queries. This helps to enhance agent efficiency while reducing average handle time of support tickets.

With all round support and guidance for multiple devices including smartphones, IPTVs, IoT devices and more, these visual step by step guides ensure that agents have answers to every possible query a customer asks.

Enhance Customer Experience

For providing exceptional experience to customers, telecom operators need to ensure easy accessibility of right content and information to offer faster resolutions to customer queries. And, visual guides help to solve issues faced by customers through interactive pictures, thus increasing user experience.

Visual step by step guides help to keep customers engaged by using interactive pictures to guide customers for device set up, installation, configuration and troubleshooting. These guides offer a superior experience to customers with each step being navigated towards meaningful answers.

Future of Visual Guides

Visual engagement has a come a long way now and telecom operators have moved from text to images and images to video. The support agents can now provide live assistance to customers over a video call. A video conference helps agents to get visibility of devices and accordingly being able to help customers navigate through next best step to resolve device issues.

Agents can also show visual poach marks to customers which can be viewed on their mobile screen while pointing towards an IoT device, router or an IPTV device with highlights and text messages about next steps to be undertaken. This helps in faster resolution of issues, increases customer experience and reduces field visits.


In order to stand out of the competition, it has become significant for telecommunication companies to provide faster resolutions to customer queries and increase user experience. The visual step by step guides support resolutions for various devices, thus, ensuring that the agents can respond to any question that the customer asks.

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