How To Secure Mobility With Mobile Device Management?

November 17, 2016

Mobile device management MDM

Rapidly evolving mobile technology has significantly evolved the way people communicate & deal, creating a significant impact on the business world. Higher productivity, easy collaboration of mobile workforce at remote locations with immediate access to required data & applications are some benefits of enterprise mobility. However, managing the flow of data between devices and ensuring security for the same needs businesses to deploy a Mobile device management MDM solution.

MDM – A Container for your Employees

Implementing an MDM strategy helps businesses keep personal and professional use of mobile devices separate, ensuring security for corporate data on the device. So, your employees can work efficiently on-field, with access to the required data and apps, when required. Even if the employee loses the device, or it gets stolen, you can still use the MDM solution to protect the data on the device with device lock and data wipe features.

MDM solutions have evolved into easy to use, powerful tools that offer complete control to corporate data and apps accessed by employees on mobile devices. Features like Geo fencing, remote location tracking, application management, data wipe, and others help business managers limit access to the device, or clear all the data on it to prevent misuse in case of any device heft or loss.

Emerging MDM Tools to Address Mobility Challenges

Mobile device management companies who made this software for big enterprise and organization allows employees to use personal devices at work, simplifying device management for IT managers without any compromise of user security, privacy, or experience. MDM solutions available today offer flexible approaches to enroll new devices, manage assets, create & enforce policies, share apps & documents, and do much more. These solutions are used to manage both employee-owned and corporate owned-devices, allowing easy handling of day-to-day enterprise mobility management needs.

Getting Started Made Easy: MDM tools available today are easy to deploy and use by the system administrator. From enrollment to complete device management, managing enterprise mobility has been simplified with easy access to device configuration, monitoring, security, reporting, analytics and support.

Embrace BYOD with Security: With more personal devices being used at work by employees, MDM Android solutions allow seamless access to corporate data, ensuring complete security. All this can be done without compromising the privacy of your employees, and they can continue using the device for both personal and professional needs.

However, to reap the most from a mobile device management strategy for your business, you should choose the right solution for your business needs. Opt for an enterprise-grade tool that offers complete security and management for devices, content, and apps.

An effective MDM solution will combine all the features, to allow business managers embrace mobility with ease, and ensure security of data and information shared. Some of the basic features of a reliable tool are:

  • Policy management, including custom policy creation and enforcement
  • Device location tracking and Geo fencing
  • Remote device lock and data wipe, to prevent any unauthorized access
  • Single interface to manage and control all the devices
  • Ability to remotely push data, files as well as security updates and patches.

Enterprise mobility is evolving and growing quickly with new problems erupting for enterprises, especially small businesses. All the risks and challenges can be addressed easily with a robust and efficient Mobile Device Management solution that can help secure corporate data and boost employee productivity.

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