Improve Telecom Customer Experience With Sim Device Management

December 22, 2020

Sim Management

With the emergence of digitization, telcos are observing an explosion of competition. Due to the rapid changes brought in by latest technological developments, customers’ requirements have increased. Moreover, with Covid-19 outbreak, people and businesses are shifting to digital means to manage their work load, which has given way to increased networking requirements. Consequently, to thrive and succeed in this highly competitive world, telecom operators need to put in a serious effort to provide superior user experience and increase customer retention. This is where SIM  management solution plays a crucial role.

On-site support is a thing of the past. Customers now want instant support services. Moreover, in the current pandemic situation, none of your customers would like to welcome a field technician at their home. Therefore, contactless support enabled by SIM and device management solution has become the new norm.

Here’s how contactless support enabled by SIM and Device management solution helps telcos to deliver better CX

Visual Engagement

Remote visual support offers fast and intuitive guidance to customers for multiple issues such as troubleshooting, billing, setting up devices, and more. It enables a video interaction with a customer which helps agents to diagnose the issue quickly and offer an effective solution to the user. The technology eliminates long list of diagnostic questions asked by agents and offers fast resolutions of issues to customer, thus increasing user experience.

The implementation of visual support provides a superior experience to customers and increases profitability. Moreover, resolving a customer issue in first go reduces volume of support calls, resulting in lower operational costs.

Co browsing

Also known as collaborative browsing, co browsing enables customer support agents to see and interact with customer’s browser in real time. It allows agents to jointly navigate over customer’s screen and guide them visually through complex processes. Co browsing is the ultimate solution to resolve commonly asked questions by agents to their customers such as –

Are you on the right page?

Can you find ‘Menu’ on the right side of the page?

Can you share a screenshot?

It saves valuable time for agents and enables them to point and scroll the page or to highlight important areas to guide customers. The tool helps to take customer interactions to next level by providing real time assistance and resolving queries effectively.

Mixed Reality

Mixed reality is changing the way operators interact with their customers. It has surfaced as a new and innovative tool that offers network operators an unlimited opportunity to interact with customers on their mobile devices. MR technology has proven to be a perfect fit to provide technical support to users and transforms customer journey into an immersive visual interactive experience.

An agent establishes a live video stream with a customer to inspect the device and diagnose the issue. By utilizing customer’s mobile camera, agent can see the hardware in real time and suggest a sequence of actions to guide customer and solve the issue.

On Screen Annotations

Everyday support agents encounter numerous frustrating instances with a customer who repeatedly fails to understand troubleshooting steps explained by them even through a chat or a voice call. This is where on screen annotation tool plays a significant role.

While providing live assistance to customers, agents can use annotations to guide customers through complex tasks. It helps to pinpoint and draw on your customer’s screen during the live session. Support agents can show visual poach marks which can be viewed on the customer’s mobile screen while pointing towards the device with text messages about next steps to be undertaken to resolve the issue.

Broadband and Fixed Line Support

The sudden disruption of normal business operations caused by Covid-19 outbreak has forced enterprises to run their businesses remotely. Consequently, the shift has driven demand for better network connectivity as well as internet coverage. To provide a high quality user experience, operators should enable customers throughout the device lifecycle right from set up, installation, troubleshooting and updates.

Therefore, device and support guides enabled by device management solution can be published across website, self care app, and contact centers to help both agents as well as customers resolve device issues, thus making sure that users unleash full potential of these devices.

Why is increasing customer experience crucial for telecom companies?

Enhance Customer Loyalty

The acquisition of new customers is expensive as compared to retaining old ones. As per a report, it costs five times as much to attract a new customer, than to keep an existing one. Therefore, when the main purpose of your organization is to add value to your existing customers, then there is a significant improvement in customer satisfaction rate. And satisfied customers tend to become loyal ones.

High service quality engages customers in a better way, offers them a superior experience and increases customer loyalty. This helps to create a better brand reputation and encourages customers to make more purchases from your company.

Boost Revenue

Delighted customers choose to be linked with a brand for a lifetime. Delivering high quality and personalized service through visual engagement tools offers a superior experience to customers which can have a great impact on building and sustaining your subscriber base. When customers are offered quality service, it creates a long lasting impression on them and satisfied customers tend to recommend your services to others too, thereby, increasing your brand reputation and boosting profitability.

Gain Competitive Advantage

A study from Bain reports that telecom operators practicing a simple and digital approach to their products and services had an average NPS (Net Promoter Score) that was 35% higher than the simple and digital laggards.

Improving customer retention can help telecommunication companies stand out from the competition. Adopting new tools and technologies to digitally interact with customers and create a positive experience can help organizations to gain a strong competitive advantage while improving customer engagement.


Customer experience has undoubtedly become the key differentiator for companies. Therefore, increasing CX should be the top priority of every forward thinking telecom company. Network operators need to evolve their customer journey into a zero touch interaction to offer high quality customer service and increase CX.