How Tablet Kiosk Simplifies Mobile Management?

November 8, 2016

Tablet Kiosks

Tablet Kiosks have been long a part of business services, used by retailers, logistics, and enterprises for different purposes. Though popular for delivering consumer services, kiosks can also be used to serve various functions of an organization, for which Android tablets combined with device lockdown tools are a great solution.

Tablet kiosks can be used for field force employees to manage and serve customers, and by business admin department to simplify employee/resource management. Kiosk solutions offer various benefits various departments, some of which are discussed below:

  • Anonymous & Private Surveys: Using a kiosk tool on Android tablets can ensure that employees are able to access surveys only, on the device. Moreover, you can also deploy dedicated mobile kiosk tablets to take survey inputs only, restricting employees to use those devices for any other purpose. This ensures anonymity and privacy of surveys and its participants, and the feedback can be gathered & implemented without any biasing.
  • Real Time Visibility in Supply Chain Management: Suppliers today are using handheld devices with commercial applications. With kiosk mode solution deployed in the logistics field force devices they get real time updates from the field workers and backend operation track all the activities and visibility of them thereby which directly helps business.
  • Improve Customer Experience in Retail:- An efficient Retail Device Management with Retail Kiosks solution ensures easy monitoring and control of deployed tablets in Retail Stores for Display Advertising to enhance Customer experience & improving in-store retail efficiency.
  • Embrace Kiosk Tablets in Hospitality:- Hospitality industry is embracing kiosk mode solution in tablets to enhance customer experience. As this kiosk mode solution deploying in tablets for catalog purpose, at front desk for hotel information, at lobby for information or ads and also using this in industry as a feedback purpose.
  • Easy Access to Intranet: Intranets allow employees access their employment information, view attendance, submit requests, and perform other functions. However, HR departments usually spend a lot on the set up to allow employees access intranet services. With an android kiosk mode activated tablet field employees have easy access to intranet. These kiosks can be placed inside office at cafeterias, or other places within the building, where users can access them and perform required actions, even without access to their system.

These are only a few applications of tablet-based kiosks for HR departments, and such manage devices can be used to apply/track jobs, training, as well as employee attendance management. In short, tablet kiosks help industries simplify corporate data security, resource management and ensure anonymity as well as privacy for employees.