Top 5g Benefits In Telecom Industry

September 30, 2020

Top 5G Benefits for Telecom

Today, every person wants to enjoy streaming videos, games, faster downloading of apps and movies and that too without waiting for even a minute. And so, with an aim to improve user experience, 5G is set to take connectivity to a whole new level. The ease and speed at which it has improved our day-to-day tasks is totally undeniable. It is 20x faster than 4G and has been instrumental in developing revolutionary applications.

Top 5G Benefits

Extensive Device Capacity

Generally, cell networks can manage a certain number of devices per area, and moreover, when it comes to crowded areas, it becomes difficult for customers to enjoy their favorite content or connect with their family. However, as per a report, every 5G cell supports, at minimum, one million devices for every square kilometer. Thus, 5G network delivers a fast and stable connection for every person in the crowd using the technology, without any impact on the speed.

Swift Internet Speed

5G has surpassed 4G network in speed and works even faster than the wired broadband connection at home. According to lifewire, 5G technology is expected to deliver speeds of up to 2.5 GB/s (gigabytes per second). 5G promises high internet speed which means enhanced responsiveness and faster load times, thus, it empowers customers to watch their favorite movies and play games anytime anywhere without any delay.

Lower Latency

Mobile network latencies have always been inadequate to support action multiplayer gaming. Even though 4G network has a 50-100 milliseconds latency, it still lags in video conferencing. However, low communication latency is what differentiates 5G from other mobile networks. 5G can potentially decrease the delay rate to 1-4 milliseconds, therefore, customers can access their favorite music, video and apps anytime anywhere. The reduction in latency rate will add up to a lot less time spent waiting for data to travel across the network.

Better Broadband

Today, every person wants to enjoy streaming videos on their smart devices, and 5G will help telecom companies to improve customer experience by making it 10x better for every person streaming a video at the same time. With speed up to 1 gigabit per second and latency of <4 milliseconds, 5G is set to deliver a high speed, reliable and secure broadband experience. With the help of 5G network, telecom companies can expand their reach to remote areas and increase connectivity levels in locations which mostly rely on wireline communications.

Connecting IoT devices

The rollout of 5G brings much more to the table than just high-speed connectivity or low latency rate. It will also establish a new age of intelligent connectivity by unleashing the potential of IoT. From home devices to autonomous vehicles, 5G facilitates the connection of everything, thereby paving way for an environment where every device is smart and connected. 5G together with IoT is set to revolutionize the world by connecting smart devices and empowering enterprises to collect and act on a greater amount of previously untapped data.

Network Slicing

Network slicing is one of the most important technologies in 5G which benefits telecommunication vendors to deploy only the functions necessary to support particular customers or market segments. Thus, it enables users to specifically get what they need with exact configuration of bandwidth, stability, latency and more and helps telecom operators to increase customer experience, better utilization of network and enhance ROI.

Extended Reach

5G can connect up to a million devices per square, thus, empowering enterprises to connect every sensor and device in a factory. Offering greater connectivity, faster download speeds, and real-time responses, 5G is set to provide enterprises and customers the potential to experience new and innovative technology. The extensive capacity and multi-gigabit speed of 5G will also enable telecom operators to expand their reach to remote locations.

Elevate Customer Experience

5G helps telecom companies to deliver significantly high speed and ultra-low latency. Furthermore, with 5G powered analytics, companies will be able to harness data to improve CX. Technologies like VR and AR will be used to interact with customers to provide technical support. The introduction of 5G has supercharged the IoT and smart device market. 5G growth of IoT can improve at-home troubleshooting and take self-service support to the next level thereby increasing customer experience.

Increase ROI

5G will benefit customers with faster connectivity and better broadband. With exclusive potential of 5G, telecom operators can expand their service offerings to increase ROI. With the capability to connect more devices, reduce latency, high data rates and greater reliability, 5G enables new industrial and consumer services. Also, the network slicing technology allows to create multiple virtual networks on top of a commonly shared physical infrastructure. Therefore, each network slice can be configured in a way that meets the individual specific needs of applications, services and helps telecom operators to maximize ROI.


As more and more technologies such as AI (artificial intelligence), video conferencing, VR (virtual reality) and more are being used within apps, the performance of these applications has considerably improved with 5G network. It has revolutionized AR/VR experience with low latency as well as high speed and is helping enterprises explore new business models for creating entirely new revenue streams.

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