What Is Unified Endpoint Management?

unified endpoint management

With the ever increasing number of endpoints such as smartphones, rugged devices, mPOS devices, laptops, tablets and more, security has become even more hard to achieve for enterprises. Managing the assets has become a challenging task. Therefore, the best way to ensure that all the corporate assets are managed and secured properly in a workplace is to leverage a Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution.

A unified endpoint management software is an umbrella approach to securely manage and monitor all the endpoints in an enterprise from a single console. It offers seamless remote access for the mobile workforce and helps to increase data security, business efficiency and employee productivity.

Let’s have a look at the features offered by Unified Endpoint Management?

Ease of Onboarding

A unified endpoint management solution streamlines the enrolment process and helps enterprises to connect, authenticate and add devices through an over the air deployment process. With the help of UEM software, admin can enrol multiple devices at once through an automated process. This assists organizations to save time in getting new members on board.

The admin can load corporate apps, policies and configurations to the deployed devices to increase security. Different profiles for corporate as well as BYOD devices can be created and installed on devices at the time of enrolment.

Securely Manage all the Endpoints

Unified endpoint management solution helps to securely manage and monitor all the devices from a single console. It helps to simplify device management and allows admin to silently push corporate applications, files, policies, software configurations, etc. This increases workforce productivity and security of data.

It helps in centralized device monitoring and enables to track real time location of all the managed devices on a map. Thus, the organizations can check where their employees are. Also, the admin can set up a geofence to prevent device misuse which will enable a pop up, if a field agent moves out of the defined boundary.

BYOD Management

With the help of endpoint management system, enterprises can also manage BYOD devices. It helps to manage, monitor and secure corporate assets such as files, apps, etc on employee owned devices without intruding personal space of employees. The solution helps to create a work profile on BYOD devices to keep corporate data separate from personal data.

The admin can encrypt, wipe, lock only the work related content on BYO devices. It disables file sharing access to prevent employees from sharing enterprise data with others.

Single Pane Management

Unified endpoint management provides a single platform to manage multiple endpoints such as computers, tablets, mobile devices, mPOS devices, laptops and more. This central platform helps IT team to securely control all the endpoints easily and efficiently.

The single console of UEM solution offers a real time view of entire device inventory and ensures security policy implementation on all the devices. It helps to streamline and automate all the business processes including device enrolment, configuration, application management, controlling and securing all the endpoints, etc.

Application and Content Management

Unified endpoint management software helps enterprises to provision endpoints with corporate applications. The admin can install, uninstall applications or push app updates remotely on devices. Also, it enables to push business documents, media files, presentations, emails and more to managed devices remotely. This helps employees to access business critical data and increases workforce productivity.

How Unified Endpoint Management benefits enterprises?

Improve IT Security Administration

Securing an enterprise is a difficult task which requires time and huge capital investments. However, unified endpoint management system provides comprehensive security controls which helps to protect confidential enterprise data present in the devices. In case a device gets misplaced or lost, the admin can remotely lock or wipe a device remotely to prevent corporate data from falling into wrong hands.

The software helps to encrypt corporate data and disables USB, file sharing access, screenshot functionality and more. This prevents employees from sharing business information with others.

Maximize Device Efficiency

The software helps to report device activities such as data and battery usage, signal strength, app updates, and more. In case of any technical glitches, errors or faults, the IT team can provide remote support to the users.

The admin can view device screen, take screenshots, push or delete content and provide remote assistance to employees in need of technical support. This helps to maximize device efficiency and increase workforce productivity.

Increase User Productivity

With the help of UEM solution, IT team can track real time location of employees and monitor routes followed by them. Geofences can be set up to restrict device usage outside certain areas. The admin can get instantly notified in case of any security breach. It allows to increase security of corporate data and enhance workforce productivity.

The field agents can work without any worries, knowing that the IT team can remotely troubleshoot the devices in case of any technical faults.

Compliance Management

Endpoint management system enables to configure as well as deploy security controls on endpoints and helps to track and manage them. The admin can gain a bird eye view of the entire device inventory and identify any security violations.

It empowers to conduct security audits on all the managed devices to detect compliance violations and make informed decisions to secure corporate data.

Make Better Business Decisions

The software helps enterprises gain real time visibility of complete device ecosystem and provides an inventory snapshot of managed, unmanaged, enrolled and unused devices. This helps businesses to make better business decisions and decide if they should invest in more hardware or software, renew applications, etc.

Final Thoughts:

UEM offers a secure, efficient and comprehensive endpoint management from a single console. It does not only helps your employees get seamless access to corporate assets but also assists in ensuring device compliance with business security policies. It empowers corporates to fuel a flexible, productive and secure workplace.