Why Every Industry Need MDM Services?

November 21, 2016

MDM Services

Mobile device management MDM is the administrative area that deals with deploying, monitoring, integrating, securing and managing mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets in the workplace. The motive of using MDM Services are to optimize the security and functionality of mobile devices within your industry, while simultaneously protecting the corporate data network.

MDM is now giving benefits to the various industries like Retail, Logistics, Hospitality, Education, Enterprises, Health care and many more. As industries want to secure their data, track his employees and want to enhance his customer and business experience. Mobile Device Management (MDM) products are rapidly revamping to keep up with the pace of new devices emerging in the market, updated mobile OS and increasingly complex business requirements. With plethora of products to choose from, finding the best MDM software to control and monitor your mobile workforce can be daunting. Modern MDM tools have many desirable features; however your IT team has to consider MDM software looking at how these tools can help meet workforce requirements.

MDM core features which industries can use:

Once you’ve collected a list of products that could manage most of your business’s roaster of devices, go down into the capabilities offered for each Android OS versions. At the first glance, Mobile device management tools tend to look alike. However, to look for the core features you can go for a MDM provider that has top features as mentioned below:

  • Manage Tablets, smartphones, & rugged devices
  • Enforce security policy
  • Enable/Disable apps remotely
  • Real time device monitoring
  • Whitelist authorized websites only
  • Remote Apps deployment
  • Remotely lock, wipe and track devices

MDM Basic Features:

Once you have checked with the above mentioned core features, you might dig into basic features. This will help you to know your MDM more deeply and take the right decision.  Here are few of the basic features mentioned for your reference:

  • Policy Management (Enforce security policies, Group based policies)
  • Mobile kiosk Browser management (Custom browser, Website whitelisting)
  • App Management (Remote app installation, App remove/disable)
  • Device Monitoring (Device info & health check, Enable/disable Wifi & Bluetooth)
  • Asset Management (Asset position update, Asset reporting)
  • Enterprise App Store (Selective apps available, Push files & docs)
  • Location Reporting (Location Tracking, Geo Fencing)
  • Device Lock and Wipe (Remote device lock, Remote data wipe)
  • Remote Configuration (Remotely access device settings, Customize user rights)

Cautiously consider how criteria are set and imposed; also ensure what degree of control and automation an MDM product will deliver. As per example, if one of your employees try to install a blacklisted app, then MDM will send a notification alert.

Choosing the right feature and implementing the settings properly will help you to secure your data and improve productivity in a better way. If you are looking for trial of this software then we provide 14 days free trial.