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MDM Unveils Security for Mobile POS systems

May 17, 2017

POS terminals are used to process payments through credit & debit cards. They are used by various vendors and merchants to accept orders. Making a POS system is costly since it takes custom hardware and a variety of equipment to build them. Also, a mix of several devices makes them inflexible. However, business owners are …
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MDM for Android mPOS Management

MDM Solution – Safely Modernizing the Hospitality Industry

April 11, 2017

Mobile devices are dictating how we live our day-to-day lives. This evolution is not only changing our personal lives but also the way industries work. In hospitality industry, mobile devices have radically modernized the business outlook. Let’s see how tablets modernize the hospitality industry and how an MDM Solution solves its challenges. Digitized Menu Many …
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MDM solution

Mobile Device Management – Simplifying Cab Operators’ Challenges

April 4, 2017

Evolving technology is transforming the way cab operators work. The paradigm shift  from accommodating a ride for customers through a phone call to the use of smartphone apps for the same has presented an opportunity to enhance service offerings, reduce business cost and make mobile workforce more efficient. Today, mobile apps are the chief mode …
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MDM Solution

Ensure Asset Management & Data Protection Through MDM

March 25, 2017

The use of smartphone and tablets is rapidly increasing in enterprises for better communication. However, it brings in the challenges of asset management and data security. Device loss or theft puts corporate data at the risk of being misused. Implementation of (MDM) Mobile Device Management solution can help get rid of such issues. Asset Management …
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Mobile Device Management

How MDM Solution Helps To Manage Optimal Mobile Device Use?

March 22, 2017

In the era of technological advancements, smart mobile devices are becoming an inseparable part of business processes. Whether you are running a small business or own an established company, your employees are accessing your business information through mobile devices provided to them. However, it has been observed that employees mostly use their mobile devices for …
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Mobile device management

MDM Management for Mobile & Data Security

January 10, 2017

Mobile device management MDM is a type of security software used by many companies and organizations to monitor, manage, and secure employees’ mobile devices, deployed across the organization, using different mobile service providers. MDM Management allows distribution of applications, data, configuration settings, and patches for such devices. An ideal mobile device management tool: Is compatible with all …
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MDM Management

Cloud Based Mobile Device Management For Business

January 5, 2017

Technology is booming day by day, leading to an explosive growth in the mobile device industry. Moreover, the use of smart phones, tablets etc, is also on rise in the corporate world. Apart from the mobility advantage, these devices also provide better business growth. As the market of these devices is exponentially increasing, concerns about …
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Cloud based mobile device management

Manage Enterprise Devices with MDM for Android

December 28, 2016

With increasing trend in the number of mobile devices, more of application, content, and data are being accessed through these hand-held gadgets. Mobile Device Management MDM or MDM for android, plays a vital role in an enterprise, as it helps them secure data and increase the productivity of employees, serving as a data management and security solution. …
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MDM for Android

Best Mobile Management Software & Features

December 27, 2016

There was a time when Mobile Management Software or Mobile MDM was only used by big companies but now with the advanced technology world small budget companies also demand for this software as productivity of employees and data security is the main issue of all the companies.. This Mobile MDM software deployed easily & secure number of devices in …
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Mobile Management Software

Mobile Device Management Android

December 26, 2016

Mobile device management Android refers to supervise the use of Android mobile devices remotely. With mobile businesses gaining traction along with the rising need of versatile business services, a successful business needs to move out of the four-walled area. You have to communicate specifically with your clients and business representatives at whatever point and wherever they …
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Mobile Device Management Android
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