| March 4, 2021

Role of Visual Guides for Routers, IPTVs & IoT Hardware

Providing great products or services is no longer enough for a telecom operator to earn customer loyalty. Most of the companies fail to attain customer retention as they become unsuccessful in providing solutions to customer queries. Therefore, to differentiate themselves from their competitors, telecom operators need to provide visual guides to increase customer experience. Visual …
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| February 16, 2021

How Can Telecom Operators Provide Remote Assistance To Customers?

Digitization is compelling telecom operators to change their business models and adapt to the new market reality. Due to the rapid changes brought in by latest technological developments, customers’ requirements have increased. Customers today want instant support services. Therefore, to become successful in this highly competitive world, telecommunication companies need to provide a superior experience …
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| February 8, 2021

Role of Device Management for Successful 5G Deployments

Mobile communication systems have continuously evolved through wireless technology innovation into 2G, 3G and then 4G to keep pace with ever increasing voice and data traffic. The primary goal of these networks was to enrich people’s life through communication. However, when it comes to 5G, it is not only about having a faster mobile network. …
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| January 25, 2021

How Can Telecom Operators Improve First Call Resolution (FCR)

The biggest goal of every telecom operator is to increase customer retention and gain competitive advantage. But how to do this? Customers ask questions of all kinds. They could be looking for: information, advice, help, guidance or more.. Thus, equipping your agents with the right support tools and devices is important. Doing so will improve …
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| December 22, 2020

How Sim & Device Management helps telcos to deliver complete CX

With the emergence of digitization, telcos are observing an explosion of competition. Due to the rapid changes brought in by latest technological developments, customers’ requirements have increased. Moreover, with Covid-19 outbreak, people and businesses are shifting to digital means to manage their work load, which has given way to increased networking requirements. Consequently, to thrive …
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| December 10, 2020

How Telecom Operators Can Increase Call Center Efficiency

It is rightly remarked, “The more efficient your business, the more profitable you are.”  Each and every day, call centers carry out hundreds of processes, right from handling customer interactions to training, attending meetings, etc. However, with onset of digital age, customer demands have significantly increased and if your call center is not keeping up …
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| December 7, 2020

Online Smartphone Support: Wow Your Customers With Instant Resolutions To Device Queries

Derek Siver has rightly said, “Customer service is the new marketing.” When you offer your customers a superior service, they are likely to recommend you to others. Therefore, to offer a high quality service, online smartphone support tool helps telcos to deliver instant resolutions to customer queries within just a few clicks. Device and support …
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| December 1, 2020

What is Mobile Device Management & Why it matters to telecom operators?

Historically, telecommunication companies have struggled to work on subscriber devices remotely. Moreover, waiting for too long to get queries resolved, leaves a negative impact on customer experience. However, MDM for telecom empowers operators to effectively and efficiently manage each stage of the customer lifecycle starting from provisioning the device with certified configuration settings and service …
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| November 19, 2020

Contactless Service: Visual Engagement Strategies To Step Up Customer Support

Telecommunications industry is undergoing a huge digital transformation. This paradigm shift has empowered telcos to serve customers in the most effective and efficient way possible. Moreover, as the countries across the world continue their fight against Covid-19 pandemic, telcos are trying to discover alternative methods of serving their customers without direct person-to-person contact. Moving beyond …
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| October 22, 2020

Device Management – A Ticket For Telecom Operators To Reduce OPEX

Nearly every telecom operator in the world faces a steep hill to climb when it comes to reducing overhead costs. It can be overwhelming at times if you do not have proper tools or support to overcome this issue. However, device management solution helps telecom operators to cut down operational expenditure while keeping customer experience …
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| October 22, 2020

How Telecom Companies Can Leverage Device Management Solution To Boost ARPU

Telecom operators across the world are experiencing difficult times as digitization is reshaping the industry landscape. The reduction in ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) is further heightened due to fierce competition in telecom marketplace. This leaves companies scratching their head while finding the road to increase customer experience and revenue. This is where device management …
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| October 22, 2020

Device Management: An Empowering Software for Telcos To Increase Employee Productivity

Productive employees are what makes a company successful. They are the heart of every little or big achievement of an organization. However, if you do not leverage the optimal solution to increase productivity of your employees, your business is likely to suffer. This is where device management solution steps in.  Device management solution has enabled …
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