Detect Non-Compliant Activities

Gain granular control over entire device fleet and implement security policies to prevent data leakage. Ensure secure access to corporate resources and schedule compliance checks regularly to detect violations. Lock or wipe a device remotely in case of a security breach to prevent device misuse and protect confidential enterprise information.

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Features of Detect Non-Compliant Activities



Define a virtual perimeter around a geographical location and prevent users to access business data once they cross the defined location. Gain insights about corporate assets based on their location and send alerts in case of a security breach to prevent misuse of data.


Real-time Location Tracking

View real-time location of all the managed devices over map and retrieve GPS coordinates, connected date and time, as well as accuracy. Get a comprehensive location history report of devices which also presents distance covered by end users in graphical and methodical form.


Device Health Monitoring

Monitor device health status including battery level, signal strength, device storage, app updates, data usage, etc. Send alerts in case the defined threshold levels are met. Get detailed reports on health status of enrolled devices and identify issues that can negatively affect the business.


Notifications and Alerts

Receive instant alerts regarding device battery level, data limit, rooting attempts, geofence, and more to make informed decisions to increase security of corporate data. All the notifications such as app installation, SIM lock, MDM app registration, etc are available in the form of reports.


Remote Lock

Gain complete control of corporate resources and lock a managed device remotely if it goes missing to secure corporate data. Enforce complex passcodes to prevent someone else from using the device. Passcode can also be reset in case an employee forgets it.


Remote Wipe

Wipe the data selectively or fully in case a device is stolen. Partial data wipe allows selection of folders from device storage to delete data whereas full data wipe feature deletes all the files and folders from a device completely, therefore, rendering it as a formatted device.


Data Sharing Block

Block the access of messages, file-sharing, bluetooth, camera, screen capture functionality, copy/paste feature, USB, etc to prevent employees from sharing enterprise data with others. Encrypt confidential corporate data to make it unreadable to unauthorized users.



Create a separate work container on employee-owned devices to keep corporate applications and files secure. Restrict users from copying or sharing data with others and disable screen sharing functionality. Set a password for work container to prevent unauthorized access of corporate data.


SIM Lock

Restrict access of unauthorized SIM cards and take instant action in case of forceful SIM card swap. Whitelist or blacklist corporate contacts as per business needs to ensure wise usage of SIM cards. It does not overwrite or change existing contacts in employee-owned devices.

Benefits of Detect Non-Compliant Activities


Enhance Corporate Security

Track device location and limit access to data in case of geofence breach. Lock down devices to block unauthorized access and whitelist only corporate apps. Keep business and personal data separate on employee devices to increase security.


Monitor SOP Adherence

Detect rooted or jail-broken devices to prevent unauthorized access. Lock or wipe a device remotely in case of a security breach. Alerts are sent in case of rooting attempts, geofence breach, unauthorized access of device date/ time, data leakage, , etc to secure corporate resources.


Threat Management

Uninstall malicious applications remotely from device and restrict installation of third-party applications. Block USB, messages, file-sharing access, camera, bluetooth, screen-sharing functionality, copy/paste feature to prevent users from sharing corporate data.

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