Detect Non-Compliant Activities

Gain granular control over entire device fleet and implement security policies to prevent data leakage. Ensure secure access to corporate resources and schedule compliance checks regularly to detect violations.

Features of Detect Non-Compliant Activities

Benefits of Detect Non-Compliant Activities


Enhance Corporate Security

Track device location and limit access to data in case of geofence breach. Lock down devices to block unauthorized access and whitelist only corporate apps. Keep business and personal data separate on employee devices to increase security.


Monitor SOP Adherence

Detect rooted or jail-broken devices to prevent unauthorized access. Lock or wipe a device remotely in case of a security breach. Alerts are sent in case of rooting attempts, geofence breach, unauthorized access of device date/ time, data leakage, , etc to secure corporate resources.


Threat Management

Uninstall malicious applications remotely from device and restrict installation of third-party applications. Block USB, messages, file-sharing access, camera, bluetooth, screen-sharing functionality, copy/paste feature to prevent users from sharing corporate data.

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