Device Remote Control

Remotely diagnose and troubleshoot device issues to reduce support costs and increase device availability. View device screen, install or uninstall applications, push content, etc remotely without end-user intervention.

With businesses expanding, it becomes difficult to control and track business functions. It is increasingly difficult to monitor the expanding workforce and coordinate their operations. With this comes the added concern of security and data privacy, owing to the large amounts of data passing through your employees’ hands. This is where the need to remotely control your workforce and engage with them comes in.

With our multi-faceted and customized solution, do more than just control and track your employees. It creates an interactive platform where you can engage and co-ordinate the work, helping you to stay in the loop constantly. Streamline your operations and optimize the processes for better efficiency and smooth running of your business, with our features.

Features of Device Remote Control

Benefits of Device Remote Control


Increase Employee Performance

Disable non-business applications such as social media apps, games, camera, gallery, music, etc to empower users to focus more at work and increase overall performance. Track real-time location of employees and restrict access to corporate resources in case of a geofence breach.


Streamline Operational Processes

Install or uninstall applications, troubleshoot device issues, push content and software updates on devices in real-time to streamline operational processes. Remotely access device health status including data consumption, battery percentage, device storage and more.


Reduce Operational Costs

Remotely diagnose and fix device issues to reduce support costs and minimize equipment downtime. Monitor app wise data usage and block non-business applications to reduce data consumption. Calculate location distance covered in a day by field agents to manage travel expenses.


Increase Data Security

Configure Wi-Fi and VPN settings remotely on devices to prevent connections to malicious networks. Disable unknown sources option to restrict third party application installation. Conduct compliance audits regularly to detect violations and secure corporate data.


Remote Helpdesk

Manage, monitor and secure all the enrolled devices across different locations from a single platform. Download or delete files, uninstall malicious applications and troubleshoot device issues remotely without user intervention. Lock or wipe a device remotely in case of a security breach or if a device gets stolen.

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