Device Remote Control

Remotely diagnose and troubleshoot device issues to reduce support costs and increase device availability. View device screen, take screenshots, install or uninstall applications, push content, etc remotely without end-user intervention. Schedule periodic compliance checks to detect violations and make informed decisions to increase security of corporate data.

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Features of Device Remote Control


Install or Uninstall Apps

Ensure that only safe and relevant applications are installed on devices. Installation and uninstallation can be done remotely for both individual and bulk users easily. Further, this can be done without end user intervention, given that digital signing from device manufacture is available.


Remote Lock

If a device goes missing, lock it remotely from the web console, and add a secondary layer of protection to secure corporate data further. Set device lock pin to prevent someone else from using the device. Device lock pin can also be reset without any hassles in case a user forgets it.


Remote Wipe

Wipe a device remotely in case of a security breach or if a device gets stolen. Full data wipe allows to delete all files and folders from a device, thereby rendering it as a formatted device, whereas, partial data wipe feature allows selection of folders from device storage to delete data.


Remote Troubleshooting

Diagnose and fix device issues remotely to increase device availability and reduce the need for agent involvement. View device screen, take screenshots, manage and push system updates, install apps, download or delete files remotely without end user intervention.


Message Broadcasting

Send new updates to devices for their information. The message runs as a scroller which can be changed or updated anytime through central web admin console. Also, all policies, remote installation, troubleshooting, etc. can be done over SMS in case internet connectivity is not available or down.


Upload Content

Generate and push content remotely to devices such as business documents, media files, emails, policies, agreements, presentations, schedules, and more. It enables end users to securely access and manage all types of enterprise documents residing in a variety of content repositories.


Device Tracking

View all devices over map and retrieve GPS coordinates and connected date/time. Monitor real-time device health status such as signal strength, memory storage information, device battery level, app updates, data limit, APN, etc. Optionally, alerts can be sent in case defined threshold levels are met.


Central Dashboard

Gain granular control over the entire device inventory across different locations from a unified platform. Get actionable insights about all the managed devices regarding battery status, application installation summary, enrolment status, compliance metrics, and more. Proactively identify issues and avert risks to increase overall performance.


Push Settings Page

MDM provides remote access to device settings to reduce manual effort while troubleshooting. Push settings page remotely to devices to make users able to access the same settings. Control device settings widget over lockdown mode and remotely enable or disable it as per business requirements.

Benefits of Device Remote Control


Increase Employee Performance

Disable non-business applications such as social media apps, games, camera, gallery, music, etc to empower users to focus more at work and increase overall performance. Track real-time location of employees and restrict access to corporate resources in case of a geofence breach.


Streamline Operational Processes

Install or uninstall applications, troubleshoot device issues, push content and software updates on devices in real-time to streamline operational processes. Remotely access device health status including data consumption, battery percentage, device storage and more.


Reduce Operational Costs

Remotely diagnose and fix device issues to reduce support costs and minimize equipment downtime. Monitor app wise data usage and block non-business applications to reduce data consumption. Calculate location distance covered in a day by field agents to manage travel expenses.


Increase Data Security

Configure Wi-Fi and VPN settings remotely on devices to prevent connections to malicious networks. Disable unknown sources option to restrict third party application installation. Conduct compliance audits regularly to detect violations and secure corporate data.


Remote Helpdesk

Manage, monitor and secure all the enrolled devices across different locations from a single platform. Download or delete files, uninstall malicious applications and troubleshoot device issues remotely without user intervention. Lock or wipe a device remotely in case of a security breach or if a device gets stolen.

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