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Take a proactive approach to manage devices and troubleshoot issues in real-time to improve efficiency. Monitor device health and offer immediate assistance to users in need of technical support to reduce support costs and increase device availability. Push files, documents, settings widget, software updates and more, remotely and keep devices streamlined to improve operational processes and enhance security.

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Features of Remote Troubleshooting


Device Health Monitoring

Keep a track on device health and monitor real-time device status such as data limit, signal strength, battery level, APN, device storage information, app updates, etc. Optionally, alerts can be sent in case a device crosses the defined limit. Troubleshoot issues in real-time and increase device lifetime.


Remote Control

Remotely view screen of a device in real-time and take screenshots, install updates, delete folders, download applications, and more without user intervention. From bad networks to apps that crash in-between, resolve it right then without any need of bringing devices to IT team for repair.


Push Settings Page

Remotely access device settings to reduce manual effort while troubleshooting. Push settings page remotely to devices to enable users to access them. Manage device settings widget over lockdown mode and remotely enable or disable it as per business requirements.


Set/Reset Lock Pin

Set device lock pin and prevent someone else from using the device, thus helping to increase security of corporate resources. Set complex passcodes to prevent users from logging in case of malpractice. Reset device lock pin without any hassles in case a user forgets or wants to update.


Remote Lock or Wipe Device

Lock or wipe a device remotely in case it goes missing, to secure confidential enterprise data. Complete wipe allows to delete all the files and folders from a device, therefore rendering it as a formatted device, while partial data wipe feature deletes specific files and folders from device storage.


Push Content in Real-time

Generate and push content remotely on devices and enable employees to easily access enterprise data without compromising on security. Push contacts, software updates, agreements, documents, images, etc remotely on devices and maintain business viability.


SMS Communication

Communicate over SMS in case internet connectivity is not available or down. All policies, remote installation and troubleshooting can be done over SMS thus keeping devices up-to-date and delivering real-time assistance to employees in need of technical support.


Message Broadcasting

Send applicable security policies, new updates, debug instructions, reminders, etc to employee devices for their information. The message runs as a scroller which can be changed or updated anytime and provides an easy way to communicate with end users.


Save Time & Cost

Troubleshoot device issues in real-time to decrease device downtime and improve workforce productivity. Gain end-to-end visibility of entire device ecosystem and fix issues without making on-site visits. This helps save time and operational costs.

How does it work?


Monitor System Information

View detailed information of corporate assets including OS version, installed software, battery percentage, network status, available memory, and more. Detect performance issues and provide remote assistance to end users over the air.


Remote Helpdesk

Remotely access managed devices and assist users in real-time to troubleshoot device issues, cut down support costs and reduce the need for agent involvement. Use co-browsing feature to explain users with contactless support about resolution for any given problem.


Decrease Device Downtime

Self healing capabilities ensure that any device issue is self diagnosed and troubleshooting for the same is done, thus ensuring that minimum number of tickets related to downtime are raised. Monitor device screen in real-time to identify and fix issues.

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