Drive Protocols & SOP Adherence

Keep a close check on sensitive enterprise data and monitor compliance pertaining to protocols. Implement enterprise-wide security policies on all the managed devices and enforce security settings to avert risks while granting user flexibility. Conduct compliance audits regularly to detect security violations and lock or wipe a device remotely to increase security of corporate data.

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Features of Drive Protocols & SOP Adherence


Lockdown Mode

Lock down managed devices to run only business-specific applications. Blacklist camera, games, social media apps, messages, gallery, etc for better work efficiency. It can only be disabled remotely by the admin as per business requirements. Restrict users to change settings or exit the kiosk mode.



Create a virtual fence with respect to a physical geographical location and restrict access to corporate data if a user moves out of the defined perimeter. Gain actionable insights about enterprise resources based on their location and track workers with suspicious behavior.


Remote Data Wipe

Wipe data remotely in case a corporate device goes missing to secure sensitive enterprise information. Partial data wipe allows to delete specific folders from device storage, whereas, full data wipe feature deletes all files and folders from the device, therefore rendering it as a formatted device.


Application Containerization

Keep corporate data secure with a smooth user authentication mechanism and restrict unauthorized users to access corporate applications. Block screen capture functionality, copy/paste feature, etc to restrict information flow from in and outside the container.


Remote Lock

Take full control of corporate data and lock the device remotely in case a user tries to violate a security policy. Set device lock pin to log in the device and prevent someone else from using it. Device lock pin can also be reset in case a user forgets it or wants to update.


Data Sharing Block

Block messages, file-sharing access, camera, bluetooth, etc to restrict employees from sharing business-critical information with others. Restrict the usage of USB devices and prevent users to download unauthorized data or inject harmful malware into the network.


Data Encryption

Encrypt confidential corporate data to prevent someone else from reading it. Data is rendered unreadable to unauthorized users and can only be deciphered by the approved person. Data encryption helps to secure enterprise information even if the device is stolen or goes missing.


SIM Lock

Block the access of unauthorized SIM cards to ensure security and prevent misuse. A notification is sent to predefined email ids when the rule is broken. Contacts can also be whitelisted or blacklisted according to business requirements to prevent the wrong usage of corporate SIM cards.


Real-time Device Tracking

Physically locate where the device is and when it was last operational. Monitor device health and retrieve details such as APN, device storage information, app updates, data limit, signal strength, battery level, etc. Send alerts in case defined threshold levels are met.

How does it work?


Comprehensive Reports

Get details about compliance status of all managed devices in the form of easy-to-understand reports. Keep track of all devices with comprehensive location history, device health, SMS and call log reports. Schedule them on a daily, weekly and monthly basis or generate a report for a specific date as per business needs.


Notifications & Alerts

A notification policy can be set up to get alerts on device health status, data usage, battery percentage, rooting attempts, location-based alerts, SIM lock, unauthorized access of device date/time, signal strength and more. Receive instant alerts and make informed decisions to secure corporate data.


Increase Security

Take full control of corporate data and lock a device in case it goes missing. Set limitations on messages, camera, bluetooth, screen capture feature, USB, etc to restrict employees from sharing enterprise data with others. Track users with suspicious behavior and make informed decisions to increase security of data.

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