Augmented Contactless Support

Providing contactless visual assistance for fast, intelligent and safe resolutions!

Contactless Support for Remote Installation, Troubleshooting & Assistance

Augmented Reality is merging of real and virtual environments where real world is overlayed by virtual objects, and this is what is achieved through contactless remote support.

Contactless support provides live assistance over video call that is the future of tech support. Imagine an ecosystem where your agents, on-ground technicians as well as customers can get on a video call with specialists to resolve issues instead of booking field visits which lead in frustrating customers and rising support costs. Real time visual engagement backed with mixed reality helps in making this possible.

Impact of 5G Evolution

5G is the fifth generation of mobile wireless communications technology — By using higher-frequency bands, it delivers lower latency, faster speeds, and higher load capacity.

Visual Engagement

Visual engagements have come a long way now and humans have moved from text to images and images to video. The next step here is a video conference with agents which helps in agents getting visibility of devices and accordingly being able to help customers navigate through the next best step for resolving and technical support which will be required. This helps in faster resolution and reducing field visits.


A consent-based approach where remote tech support team sends a message to customer to allow camera permission for the call. This allows agent to see the hardware in real time basis. Agent can now suggest troubleshooting steps using annotations and mixed reality using which customer can perform steps, if necessary, on the device. This results in reducing AHT for tech support calls and avoiding unnecessary field visits.


Agents can now show visual poach marks to customers which can be viewed on their mobile screen while pointing towards a router, IPTV or other connected device with highlights as well as text messages about next steps to be undertaken. These steps can be highlighted with different shapes and colors. Even field technicians can get help from expert specialists while fixing telecommunications equipment.

Augmented Reality

There are multiple use cases of augmented reality starting from product consulting, support and eventually retail sales. This leads to better first call resolutions and faster conversions that help in driving digital adoption among customers.

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