Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management platform is designed to offer enterprises with a comprehensive solution to set up, manage, and control corporate devices remotely.

Mobile Devices

Elevate enterprise mobility with our Mobile Device Management software. Streamline device control, enhance security, and optimize productivity across your organization with our comprehensive solution.

Rugged Devices

Empower enterprises with our Mobile Device Management solution for streamlined control, secure monitoring, and optimized efficiency across diverse rugged devices from a unified interface.

mPOS Devices

Enhance productivity and security with our device restrictions. Run only approved apps, control kiosk settings remotely, enforce password policies, and conduct compliance audits for robust enterprise data protection.




BYOD Support

Create work profiles on employee-owned devices fully restricted to corporate apps, policies and data to maintain security of enterprise information and keep them separate from personal apps. It also helps businesses reduce OPEX incurred in investing capital for each employee device.


Central Device Management

A central dashboard that allows in comprehensive management of entire device inventory from a single location. Track device details such as memory storage info, device brand model, IP address and troubleshoot issues in real-time to reduce support costs.


Increase Workflow

Empower employees to work from remote locations by monitoring and troubleshooting device issues in real-time. Equip devices with business-specific apps and restrict access to camera, gallery, games, social media applications, etc to increase workflow and employee performance.


Enhance Security

Encrypt confidential data to render it unreadable to unauthorized users. Restrict file-sharing access, copy/paste feature, screen-sharing functionality, USB, messages, etc to prevent users from sharing business information with others. Wipe sensitive data or lock the device completely in case of a security breach.


Cost Optimization

Calculate the location distance covered in a day by field agents. This can be used to compute and manage costs incurred on the field. Troubleshoot device issues remotely to reduce support costs. Block social media applications, games and other entertainment apps to reduce data consumption.

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