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Simplify on-boarding process of new devices and help users kickoff their tasks from the very first power-on. Enrol devices over the air (OTA) through an automated process and deploy multiple devices instantly. Make separate profiles for corporate as well as employee-owned devices, enlist users on basis of groups and automate installation of applications, enterprise policies and settings once enrolment is done.

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Faster Device On-boarding


Bulk Enrolment

With a pre-defined format in place, process of bulk enrolment eliminates errors that happen during individual creation. Identify if a record already exists in system, thus avoid duplication of entries. From changing location to sharing new policies to a set user group, it does multiple actions on basis of rules that have been set.

Customize Profiles

Create separate profiles for enterprise as well as employee devices to enhance security. Profiles can be installed on devices at the time of on-boarding and help in imposing policies and restrictions to enrolled devices. Apply configuration settings to devices with the help of profiles for granular control and easy management.

Increase Security

Once the device gets enrolled, an employee cannot uninstall MDM application from device or perform a factory reset. Alerts can be sent in case an employee tries to breach security policy. Set device lock pin to prevent someone else from using the device. Device lock pin can be reset in case user forgets or wants to update.

Easy Set Up

New users can now get access to all corporate policies and SOPs the day they join. No need to set up devices manually, thus it reduces efforts and helps employees to use their devices right away. Mass assign users to a particular hierarchy structure instead of manually changing their reporting.

Save Time & Cost

Set up devices through an automated process and save time in getting new members on board. Empower users to instantly use their device with already configured policies and applications. Furthermore, MDM also supports BYOD policy thus reducing overall costs for enterprises.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Connect devices with Enterprise Active Directory and facilitate single sign on. Map user devices with their unique employee IDs, which also helps them in not remembering multiple passwords. Employees can sign in to their devices and access business applications without re-entering a password.

Auto Application Installation

Automate application installation and settings as soon as a device gets enrolled. Install applications automatically without user intervention when new devices are enrolled in existing or new groups. It reduces manual effort, saves time and makes bulk installation of apps easier.

Device Management

Once devices are enrolled, they can be easily managed. Request device to check-in and retrieve device status information such as device brand model, OS info, battery percentage, APN, IP address, signal strength and more. Start managing it remotely and install applications.

Auto Policy Enforcement

Enforce policies automatically on newly enrolled devices in existing or new groups, thus, no need to push policies again. It helps to secure business resources and administer access to corporate accounts. Conduct compliance checks regularly to ensure integrity of policies on all the devices.

How does it work?

Enrolment with IMEI

Enrolment with IMEI

Make the on-boarding process of new devices easy by enrolling them with a device code. Once the code is generated, user receives an email, enters the code in MDM application and gets the device enrolled.

Bulk Enrolment

Bulk Enrolment

Enrol multiple devices through an automated process, at once. Download the bulk user CSV format, fill up details and upload them in MDM UI. Then, install the application on devices and bulk enrolment is done.

Manage Devices

Manage Devices

Once the enrolment process gets completed, request device to check-in and fetch device status information including IP address, signal strength, OS version, APN, etc. Then, start managing the devices remotely.

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