Simplifying broadband & fixed line support for connected consumers

5G & IoT are paving way for smarthomes. Telecom operators today have move beyond cellular and providing services such as broadband, IPTV, fixed line and more. For generating higher ARPU & maintaining NPS scores, operators should enable consumers throughout the lifecycle right from setup, installation, troubleshooting and on-going updates. We offer cognitive solutions with selfcare modules to enable these.

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5G Support

Adoption of 5G by customers is a crucial step for its success. Telecom operators need to make sure that they’re equipped for handling device and network related queries for 5G. These can be questions around battery life, security, network provisioning and more. We provide 5G ready telecom content which act as ready reckoners not just for contact center agents but also for customers on self service channels.


IoT Support

5G is going to revolutionize and the number of connected devices per household will be as high as 50. Connected devices make life simpler with the help of automation and voice commands; however setting up IoT devices can be complicated. Ready guides with step by step instructions help in faster setups and also self diagnostics keep a check on device & connectivity health at all times in a proactive manner.


Fixed Line Support

Fixed line phones act as the backbone of connectivity ecosystem for all wireless connected devices. This also leads in huge OPEX cost of field engineers & technicians to help customers be up & running at all times. A visual guided solution available for your customers across website as well as your contact center agents helps in faster resolution of issues with higher CSAT & NPS scores.


Broadband Support

Common problems faced while using broadband are related to internet speed, connectivity amongst devices, planned network outages and data balance or plan related concerns. These challenges are the top drivers for operators providing broadband solutions as well as ISPs. These can be solved using visual guides & step by step assistance


Evolution of support for Telecom Operators

Operators are always on top with their offerings and have evolved from cellular to data to broadband and now 5G Support.
With this evolution, the ways of providing support to consumers also needs to be elevated. Technologies such as AR & VR have introduced mixed reality (MR).
Allowing users to use the camera of their smartphone which enables in real time AI based support explaining about the installation or troubleshooting process.


Our Solutions


Contactless support

Deploy mixed reality and provide instant solutions to customer queries. Increase visual engagement in real time with AI based support and elevate customer experience.

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Device Diagnostics

We provide you solutions that assist in self diagnosing device issues and provide users with correct troubleshooting steps needed to resolve them. Device diagnostics tool helps conduct a scan on devices and then highlights what’s wrong with the device, after which it provides customers with enough data to point them in the right direction.

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Simplifying Device Concerns

We have one of the largest repositories of device picture in the world with 40+ scenarios for each device. This telecom ready device & support guides can be published across your website, self-care app, contact centers to help agents as well as customers in scenarios related to device setup and troubleshooting thus making sure that subscribers unleash the potential of devices leading to higher Data ARPUs.

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Telecom Operators can reduce service costs by 20 to 40% by providing proactive care while enhancing customer experience.

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