Geofencing: MDM restriction based on device location

Set up a geofence and restrict device usage outside a specified area. Monitor device location at all times, check routes followed by dispatch teams and time taken for each delivery. Track employees with suspicious behavior and get notified in case of any malpractice. Detect violations and increase security of confidential enterprise information to prevent data leakage.

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MDM Geofencing Features


Track Location

Track real-time location of all the managed devices with details such as last operational location, battery level, location coordinates and network status. Monitor routes followed by field force agents and time taken for delivery. Track users with suspicious behavior and get insights in case of any malpractice.


Unified Map View

View all the managed devices over map and retrieve GPS coordinates and connected date/time. Track multiple devices at once and check when they were last operational to ensure employee productivity. Get actionable data about business resources based on their location to increase transparency in operational processes.


Location-based Control

Set limitations on corporate resources that the users have access to once they exit the geofence boundary. Wipe or lock a device remotely in case of any violation to increase security of confidential corporate data. Disable GPS tracking of employee-owned devices outside work locations to ensure privacy of users.


Monitor Assets

Retailers can create a geofence for their mobile POS devices to receive instant alerts if an employee tries to take a device off the premises. Warehouse owners can also use this feature to get notified if their rugged devices are taken out of the defined perimeter.


Alerts and Notifications

Get notified in case a user crosses the defined perimeter and make informed decisions to increase security of corporate data. All the notifications regarding geofence breach, unauthorized access of devices with date/time, etc are available in the form of reports.


Location History

View group or user wise reports of geo-coordinates of enrolled devices. Track devices and check their extensive path history. MDM also helps to calculate the location distance covered in a day by field agents and provides flexibility to organizations to manage travel expenses.


User Authentication

Geofencing provides enterprises with another security layer by limiting user access to corporate assets from restricted areas. Admin can get notified immediately in case of a security breach to prevent data leakage.


Fleet Management

Set up a geofence pertaining to a particular shipping route and if a delivery truck deviates from assigned route, the dispatcher gets instantly notified, thus helping to streamline business operations.


Prevent Data Leakage

MDM enables businesses to prevent data leakage due to theft. It helps to configure policies to make sure that the device leaving a particular area or company’s premises is automatically locked in case of a geofence breach.

Benefits of Geofencing


Monitor SOP Compliance

View physical location of all the managed devices over map and monitor routes followed by field agents. Check when a user enters or exits a work location to clock work hours and automate their timesheets. Detect violations and increase security to prevent data leakage.


Enhance Business Efficiency

Track device location to check if a user has deviated from the route. It helps enterprises to monitor routes followed by employees and increase transparency. Enforce lockdown mode to empower users to focus at work and enhance business efficiency.


Improve Performance

Physically locate where the device is and check when it was last operational to ensure workforce productivity. Restrict access to non-business applications such as music, video, camera, gallery, social media apps, etc to prevent distractions and increase overall performance.


Asset Management

Track corporate assets and monitor their frequency to check if they are at right location. Alerts can be raised instantly in case of a security breach to prevent device misuse and protect confidential enterprise data.


Increase Security

Get notified in case of unauthorized access of devices and make informed decisions to increase security of critical business data. Restrict access to corporate resources once a user moves out of the defined fence.

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