Making the Most of Device Lockdown for your Business

Device Lockdown

Use of mobile devices at work is preferred by employees for convenience and by managers for a streamlined workflow and productivity. This trend of enterprise mobility brings with it, the challenges of data & network security and employee productivity that can be addressed with a Device Lockdown solution.

Buying & deploying an enterprise mobility solution for your organization is not enough, and you need to know how to manage your employees’ devices and data effectively. An easy-to-follow guide to help you efficiently secure your data with a reliable solution is discussed below:

  • Evaluate what you need to secure: Know what data your employees will be accessing on their mobile devices and the related risks. For instance, a general promotional mail might not be of much importance, but the one with details about customers and other sensitive data needs to be secured, for sure.
    After deciding on who needs access to what type of data, you can manage the use of data security solutions as well. In addition to providing access to required apps and data, a lockdown solution also allows you to restrict access to unauthorized apps. For instance, you can restrict access to non-productive apps, like games, social media, and others that are of no use at work
  • Configure Devices for Use: After evaluating what data and apps your on-field employees need to access, start configuring mobile devices allotted to them. The lockdown solution allows IT managers to remotely configure devices with the required settings, apps, and more, to make them ready for employee use.
  • Enable Password Protected Kiosk Mode: With a device lockdown solution, you can prevent any unauthorized access to your corporate data/applications by enabling a password-protected kiosk mode. Encrypting the data can further cut the security risk, even if someone manages to break-in to the device. So, encryption along with password protection enables a complete security.
  • Create & deploy the right policies: Encryption and device management solutions ensure security for device and data from the manager’s end, while corporate policies enforce employees to follow security practices. Before allowing your employees to use mobile devices, you should draft an easy-to-understand policy for your employees, stating who can use mobile devices, what they can do with them and the types of devices supported.
    Enforcing a policy is simpler to discuss and write than its practical implementation. Here, an MDM solution can help you make sure that all your corporate policies for the use of mobile devices at work are enacted upon. This not only improves the security of your data but also enhances the productivity of employees working on-field.
  • Manage Devices & Employee Productivity Remotely:- After enabling password-protected device lockdown and allowing access to the required apps, you need to ensure that your employees are making the correct use of it. The lockdown solution allows IT managers to track device location, enable geofencing, monitor device health, and do more to ensure employees stay productive on-field.
    Furthermore, you should also guide your employees on how to use devices responsibly, like not leaving their smartphones unattended. Users should understand that this will help them protect both the device as well as the data on it.

In short, evaluating your business needs and finding/deploying the right solution for your needs can help you ensure data security. However, enabling encryption and guiding employees on policies and device use can further improve security and productivity. DeviceMax brings a complete mobility solution that can be customized to meet your specific business needs.

DeviceMax lockdown, the Device Lockdown solution from DeviceMax, allows you to manage all your employee devices from a single console. Ensure a secured access to corporate data and apps with password-protected kiosk mode, remote device management, enterprise app store, and other features.