Mobile device management for Logistics

MDM software helps logistics companies to access, track, manage and secure devices out in the field.  MDM for logistics offers real time visibility into the entire device ecosystem and assists admin to remotely manage and control all the devices from a unified console.

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Lack of Coordination

One of the biggest problems in logistics industry comes from its fragmentation i.e. there are lots of parties involved in it such as manufacturers, storekeepers, drivers, customers, etc, which is why it has become quite difficult to have centralized control over every step of the way.

Corporate Data Security

Although, using mobile devices to complete day to day tasks increases employee productivity and efficiency but at the same time it poses a security risk to corporate data accessed by users through these devices. Moreover, as organizations are adopting BYOD policy, it has become difficult to secure confidential enterprise data. Moreover, rooting or jailbreaking attempts, usage of malicious apps can result in data leakage.

Increased Inefficiencies

With multiple employees sent out in the field, it becomes difficult for companies to track every field agent and record each delivery, the time, and the address. It has become a challenge for logistics to check where their employees are during the working hours and whether they have encountered any issues along their delivery routes.

Device Maintenance 

With organizations having multiple remote employees each with their own device, it’s completely inevitable that on any given day, a range of issues can occur. Consequently, it becomes hard for IT team to keep up with routine maintenance and resolve device issues more so when there are multiple devices deployed remotely.

Lost or Stolen Devices

All the corporate devices contain lots of confidential enterprise information such as customer data, business files, emails, policies and more which can fall into wrong hands in case a device gets misplaced or stolen.

Data Sharing

Employees working remotely can easily breach security policies and share enterprise data with others using screen sharing functionality, copy/paste feature, bluetooth, USB, etc. Thus, it can pose a security threat to confidential corporate data.

Features of mobile device management for logistics

Zero-touch Enrolment

Mobile device management solution helps logistics companies to enrol new devices instantly and offers them the tools to manage entire device fleet. While enrolling devices, IT team deploys business policies, configurations, apps, content, security restrictions and more. Additionally, MDM also supports bulk mode which helps to enrol multiple devices, thereby, saving time in getting new members on board and eliminating errors that happen during individual creation.

Profile Management

Profiles help to impose policies as well as restrictions on enrolled devices within the enterprise. The admin can configure profiles and publish them either to individual or multiple devices.

Device Lockdown

MDM software enables kiosk mode provisioning which ensures that devices are used only for business purposes. Devices can be locked down to one or more corporate apps which empowers employees to work in a distraction free environment. This assists logistics companies to improve workforce productivity and cut down costs as device usage is limited.

Website Whitelisting/Blacklisting

Mobile device management allows access to allowed websites only. A separate browser will be installed along with the MDM app and rest all browsers get blocked once the policy is enforced. A secure web browser ensures that employees do not have access to non-business websites, which helps to increase workforce productivity.


With MDM solution, it becomes easy for logistics companies to track real time location of all the enrolled devices. It provides real time visibility of all the managed devices with details including but not limited to location coordinates, last operational location, connectivity status and more. In addition to current device location, it also displays location history as individual journeys with start and end location flagged.


Geofencing feature allows IT team to set up a virtual perimeter, ensuring usage of devices restricted to configured boundaries. It helps to prevent users from accessing confidential corporate data outside the defined perimeter and instantly notifies the admin in case of a security breach.

Unified Dashboard

The unified dashboard of MDM software provides all the information organizations need to know about devices. It offers real time status of all the enrolled devices to help enterprises make informed decisions based on the data presented.

Remote Content Distribution

Empower employees with easy access to business files, documents, emails, agreements, policies and more by pushing files remotely to devices. With mobile content management, IT admin can push, copy or delete files and folders from the devices remotely. This helps to improve employee productivity and increase business viability.

Application Management

The admin can install or uninstall apps remotely on managed devices without end user intervention. MDM also helps to remotely update applications to the latest version and retrieve reports for app deployment status. Disable unknown sources option to prevent employees from installing third party applications.

Device Health Monitoring

Monitor device health status and retrieve details such as device battery level, APN, signal strength, data limit, app updates, memory storage information and more. Optionally, alerts can be sent in case defined threshold levels are met.

Remote Support

Employees probably come across issues such as technical glitches, malfunctioning devices, crashing apps, etc. In case there is a problem with a device, employees do not have to bring device to the IT department for repair. MDM helps admin to remotely view device screen and solve the problem, thus minimizing device downtime and reducing support costs. It assists to monitor device health status as well as performance to proactively address potential failures.


For organizations adopting BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy, leveraging MDM solution is a necessity. Although, working on personal devices increases employee productivity but it also poses security threat to confidential enterprise data contained in these devices. Therefore, mobile device management software helps to create a work container on BYO devices to isolate business resources from personal data. The container is encrypted by default and a dedicated password can be configured for it. Also, copy/paste feature, screen sharing is disabled to prevent employees from sharing corporate data with others.

Data Sharing Restrictions

Prevent employees from sharing confidential business data with others by disabling USB, screen sharing functionality, bluetooth, copy/paste feature, messages, etc. Restrict data flow from in and outside the container to prevent data leakage.  

Device Lock or Wipe

With the help of MDM software, IT team can remotely lock or wipe a device in case of a security breach or if a device gets stolen. The device data can be wiped completely or selectively. Complete data wipe assists in deleting all files and folders from a device whereas selective data wipe allows selection of folders from device storage to delete data.

Reports and Alerts

Set up a notification policy to get instant alerts in case of battery level, rooting or jailbreaking attempts, unauthorized access of device, data usage, location based alerts and more. Retrieve comprehensive device reports such as data consumption, device info, SMS, call log, location history, etc.

Custom Branding

With MDM, enterprises can customize kiosk mode with the organization’s logo, values, advertisements and more for a more professional look. It can be set as a wallpaper on locked screen. This helps to build a customized enterprise experience and provides employees a sense of identity.

Role Based Access

Designate various roles with certain privileges to other users with rights management feature of MDM. The admin can manage all the devices whereas the other users can only manage as per given rights.

Benefits of mobile device management for logistics

Increased Productivity

By leveraging real time device location services, mobile device management solution aids logistics to improve workforce productivity as well as data security. Enforcing lockdown mode helps to blacklist entertainment apps, thus preventing distractions and empowering employees to stay productive during office hours.

Asset Tracking

Mobile device management solution acts as a medium through which all assets can be well tracked and managed. It does not only provide access to its latest position and condition, but also helps in maintaining a consistent trail of the entire journey of the asset till its final destination.

Cost Optimization

A mobile device management solution helps to manage and secure a complete fleet of enrolled devices no matter where they happen to be located. This helps to centrally manage devices across different locations and minimizes on-site IT requirements as well as costs.

Adopting BYOD policy saves on employee device costs and helps organizations reduce operational expenses.

Efficient Warehouse Management

Get access to historic logs related to SOP adherence, routes followed and time taken for delivery. View device screen live and offer remote support to employees in need of technical support. This helps to minimize device downtime and increases operational efficiency. Push corporate files, apps, app updates remotely to devices and enhance business viability.

Improved Security

If a device is lost or stolen, there can be serious security implications, however, leveraging MDM solution helps enterprises to lock or wipe a device remotely even if it gets misplaced or stolen.

It also enables admin to create a work container on employee owned devices to keep corporate resources separate from personal data.

Monitor SOP Adherence

MDM makes sure that the employees comply with the organization’s policies and rules. It helps admin to conduct compliance audits regularly to identify violations and make informed decisions to secure enterprise data.

BYOD Policy Support

MDM also supports BYOD policy. It enables admin to create a separate work profile on personal devices to keep corporate apps as well as data separate from personal data. The admin will only be able to monitor the work profile. If the employee wants to leave the organization, business data can be deleted using selective data wipe leaving personal data untouched.

Data Backup

MDM also allows backup of important enterprise data such as status of deployed configurations, device reports, user files and more. It prevents loss of data and provides complete backup and flexible recovery.

Multi-platform Support


MDM solution helps to manage varied Android endpoints including smartphones, tablets and rugged devices. It assists in improving business visibility by centrally managing all Android devices and enforcing strong security policies to protect corporate data.


Monitor all the iOS devices from a single console and enhance security of enterprise data. Manage the complete device lifecycle including enrolment, provisioning, wiping, etc, and empower employees with secure access to corporate resources.

Devices Supported


Be it corporate or employee-owned, mobile device management solution enables logistics companies to control and secure all mobile devices used in the organization. It helps to centrally manage the entire mobile device fleet across different locations from a unified platform.


Securely manage and monitor tablets used in the enterprise to increase employee productivity and enhance overall business performance.

Rugged Devices

From mobile devices to tablets to rugged devices, mobile device management software empowers enterprises to manage all devices on the network. Implement security policies and empower workers with seamless access to corporate apps as well as files.


Deploy, manage and secure mPOS devices remotely from a unified console. In addition to configuring and tracking, MDM also helps to accumulate data from mPOS devices.

Kiosk Devices

Convert mobiles or tablets into kiosk devices and manage them remotely from a centralized platform. Monitor device health, network status, push apps as well as business files easily with remote access.

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