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Rugged Devices Secured

Mobile Device Management solution provides enterprises with a secure mobility management platform to manage and monitor rugged devices across different verticals from a single interface. MDM simplifies management of corporate devices and empowers enterprises to gain visibility in operational processes and deliver high performance. Offering full access and control of employee-owned devices, it helps make informed decisions to optimize business efficiency.

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Here’s what Devicemax can do for rugged devices


Quick Device Enrolment

Enrol devices through an automated process and empower employees to use them right away. Additionally, the bulk enrolment helps deploy multiple devices instantly thereby, saving time getting new members on track and avoiding duplication of entries.


Real-time Device Tracking

A central dashboard that not just helps in real time tracking and monitoring but provides details such as OS, signal strength, battery percentage, IP address and more. Also, helps track location of the device and monitor when it was last operational.


Lockdown Mode

Block unauthorized access of devices and whitelist enterprise approved applications while setting limitations on camera, bluetooth, messages, games etc. It prevents employees from changing device settings and reduces cellular data usage.


Mobile Content Management

Generate and push content on end-user devices in real-time such as documents, images, changes in policies, agreements etc. It strengthens business viability and enables users to access corporate data without compromising on data security.


Remote Helpdesk

Remotely diagnose and troubleshoot device issues to reduce support costs and increase device availability. Download files, take screenshots, install or uninstall applications, manage and push system updates remotely without user intervention.


Real-time Alerts

Set up a notification policy to get alerts on device health status such as rooting attempts, data usage, battery percentage, and more. Additionally, location based alerts can also be set up to notify on device condition within certain areas.


Data Security

Lock or wipe a device remotely in case it is lost or stolen. Restrict screen-sharing functionality, messages, file-sharing access, camera, bluetooth, etc to prevent employees from sharing corporate data with others.


Contacts Whitelisting

Organize and publish business contacts remotely through centralized web console. Whitelist or blacklist contacts as per business needs to ensure wise usage of corporate SIM cards and enhance security.


Message Broadcasting

Send updates or ticker messages to end-user devices for their information. The message runs as a scroller on the devices which can be changed or updated anytime through the central web admin console.

Benefits for Enterprises


OPEX Reduction

Reduce data consumption levels and device misuse to optimize business ROI. Security settings such as containerization and wiping decrease website visits and downloads. Moreover, the BYOD policy helps to save on employee device costs and reduces operational costs of enterprises.


Employee Productivity

Boost employee productivity with stringent policies in place. Restrict access to social media applications, camera, games and more such apps to maximise output during office hours. Track real-time location of employees and monitor routes followed by dispatch teams.


Optimize Efficiency

Monitor device health and remotely troubleshoot device issues to decrease equipment downtime. Automate security checks, push content on devices remotely and equip devices with business apps to enable employees perform better and optimize business efficiency.


Strengthen Security

Ensure all the devices comply with security policy. Restrict devices to connect to other networks and set limitations on messages or file-sharing access to forbid employees to share company information. Lock or wipe the device remotely in case it is lost or stolen.


Data Backup

Back up data from all the devices and store details such as messages, location history, call logs, enterprise documents, files and more either over cloud or your dedicated servers. This helps in business continuity measures and helps to restore information whenever required.

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