Mobile Attendance Management

A complete attendance management system that allows employees to clock in and out remotely using their mobile device. The app supports GPS location data with date and time authentication mechanisms for attendee identification and helps field employees in time management and to improve productivity. Mobile attendance management application enables enterprises to allocate resources, monitor employee shifts, synchronize and plan workflow.

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Challenges Faced by Enterprises

Features of Mobile Attendance Management



The app optimizes the task of employee onboarding management. Making the workflow seamless, mobile attendance management helps minimize paperwork and completes onboarding process efficiently by uploading documents, assigning an employee with new credentials as well as employee id.


GPS Based System

The app supports a GPS tracking system for monitoring field agents. It records employee attendance online with exact coordinates of location, date and time. The app helps admin to track employees and gain a bird eye view of every movement of their field force agents.


Single Attempt Clock-in

As remote working is becoming the norm of organizations everywhere, it has become crucial to leverage a mobile attendance management system to keep a track of employee work time. The app helps to clock in and out easily with a single click, thus, tracking the working hours of employees accurately.


Login & Logout

The app works as a punch clock and draws all the data regarding employees’ attendance, location and time spent on work. Track employee hours and ensure there are no compliance violations. Built in with face recognition technology, the app records real time attendance data of all the employees working, thus, no need to worry about fake or buddy clocking.



Geofencing allows admin to set up a virtual boundary to restrict and map field force agents to a particular area. It ensures that field force agents are working at correct locations and increases employee productivity. The admin can get instantly notified if an employee moves out of defined location and take necessary actions in case of any security breach.


Roster Management

With mobile attendance management, admin can create rosters, rotation policies and weekend policies to create an attendance scheme that is assigned to employees. Set different break times for different shifts and take complete control over shift scheduling. Creating a shift roster policy helps to organize working schedules and rotational shifts easily.


Leaves Regularization

Different countries or states follow varying regulatory mandates around working hours as well as leaves. Consequently, mobile attendance management app makes it easier to keep track of these details, thus making audit process much simpler. The app assists field agents to schedule and apply for future plans such as WFH, leaves, OH and more.


Payroll Reports

Linked to payroll, the app allows maintaining employee attendance records as per the time put in, overtime, missed days, approved leaves, etc. Employees can file and track an application for overtime with details including reason and time. It automates entire attendance procedure, thus, eliminating errors which occur when it is done manually.


Real Time Employee Data

The app allows to store employees’ records including name, mobile number, email, DOJ (date of joining), department and designation. It enables to monitor presence of field agents in real time for all the working locations. The app ensures accurate time recording and minimizes errors associated with manual data entry.


Attendance Calendar

The app helps to generate an attendance summary for a particular employee for a specified time period. Get an attendance report for all the employees along with in and out time, leaves taken, overtime and more. It allows enterprises to determine presence punctuality of field force agents and take necessary actions.


Easy Navigation

Attendance as well as leave records are updated on a real time basis in the app, thus making it easy for admin to easily access all the information in one pane. It also enables to easily filter out the details of a specific employee. This helps to supervise attendance of your workforce from anywhere and on any device.

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