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Solutions for Rugged Devices

Managing your rugged devices is important to build powerful and intuitive dashboards that give insights for business.

POS Machines for Android

Point of Sale features a plethora of processes that enhances store, purchase, sales and inventory management.

Job Dispatch Companies

Measure SOP compliance related to adherence of routes followed by dispatch teams along with time taken for each delivery.

Enterprise Field Force Teams

Empower field teams with information they need on ground related to terms and policies along with real time updates.

Feature Set

Device Lockdown – Kiosk Mode

Device Lockdown – Kiosk Mode

Kiosk mode enables you to lock down remote devices, allowing access to specific apps related to the business. It helps in avoiding unsecured websites and apps which can also be distracting for employees. It manages corporate data and devices efficiently.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management

Setup, manage and control mobile devices remotely. Equipped with various features to ensure privacy of data, while not compromising on ease of usage. Lock or wipe devices, change passcodes and encrypt with one click. Ensures compliance and troubleshoots in real-time.

Geo Tracking / Geo Fencing

Geo Tracking / Geo Fencing

Set up a virtual boundary with respect to your physical geographical location is called geo-fencing. It can be used to develop automatic timesheets and detect footfall in your location. Geo tracking and geo-fencing aids in mapping and navigation for monitoring and increasing productivity.

Device Remote Control

Device Remote Control

Allows the admins to view and manipulate the screen of a device remotely. In case of any issues, it is not necessary to bring the device to the IT department for repair. We can check the device remotely and detect issues. Consequently, assistance can be provided to troubleshoot.

Benefits Delivered

Faster Device On-Boarding

The on-boarding process which includes connecting, authenticating and adding devices is easy and quick, ensuring seamless deployment for the customer to get started. Additionally, the bulk mode makes it possible to easily connect bulk devices.

Unified Dashboard for 100% Visibility

Devicemax makes it possible to configure the dashboard based on defined user roles. Also, unified dashboards provide all the real-time data or key metrics in one place. Risks can be identified and averted owing to the 100% visibility.

Drive Protocols & SOP Adherence

Devicemax detects rooted/jail-broken devices to prevent unauthorised access. Further, compliance pertaining to protocols and SOP adherence is monitored continuously. A warning can be triggered if any breach occurs. This ensures smooth operations.

Push Content on Real-Time Basis

Create, modify and push content on real-time basis to maintain business viability, that can have meaningful impact on sales. Generate reports based on these interactions to know what is working for the business and what can be improved.

Remote Troubleshooting

Devicemax provides for a smooth functioning with its remote troubleshooting and diagnostics capabilities, to increase your convenience by reducing the need for agent involvement, as well as reduce the support costs required.

Security Compliances

Remote Device Lockdown

Remote Device Lockdown

Control your data using the Device Lockdown functionality. This feature overrides all the settings accepted before and instantly locks down the device so that there can be no multiple sign-ins and data exchange.

Remote Erase Device Data

Remote Erase Device Data

Your privacy is of prime importance to us. In case the device is lost or stolen, you can be in charge of your confidential data. Erase your data partially or fully remotely at your convenience.

Detect Non-Compliant Activities

Detect Non-Compliant Activities

Detect rooted devices to keep your data safe and prevent policy violations. It can send notifications in case there is non-adherence to the regulations. This will aid in setting and achieving compliance targets.

Challenges solved

1 Accessibility

Devicemax allows you to remotely install, remove or disable apps thus making sure you do not compromise on efficiency. It helps you to remotely diagnose and troubleshoot issues, thereby increasing convenience and reducing the need for customer agent engagements.

2 Security Concerns

Security is of utmost importance in enterprises with data-driven culture. Therefore, with features like lockdown mode, detection of rooted devices and safe mode, Devicemax enables you to customise your privacy settings thus preventing unauthorised access and safely securing your data.

3 Bulk Enrollment

The process of bulk enrolment has become quick and easy. Simply download the bulk users’ details, fill them up and upload in MDM User Interface. Then, install the application in these devices and bulk enrollment is done, for a smooth functioning.

4 Tracking Snags

Finding it difficult to track the location of connected devices? Devicemax is here for your rescue! By allowing you to track real-time location of all the relevant devices, it helps you to control their usage and sends you alerts, thus securing your data.

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