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Devicemax Device Management Portfolio covers varied solutions from configuring subscribers devices automatically for telecom operators, remotely managing SIMs through OTA , network intelligence to managing devices remotely for enterprises.

The solutions are helping our clients managing devices leading to higher ARPU, controlling operating costs and managing customer experience.

Devicemax provides solutions to industries including but not limited to Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Logistics, Field Support, Retail, and more.

Our solutions are enabling enterprises in more than 25 countries to drive revenue, reduce cost and maintain high standards of security with an overall mission of setting up benchmarks for customer engagement & experience.

Self Care Solutions



We help you deliver proactive care to your subscribers on technical issues for call deflection; even when they’re offline, to maximize experience & reduced support cost more


Merged Reality for 5G use cases

With a blend of AR & VR; your customers can now install & start using 5G within a connected ecosystem. Deliver contactless support to enable customers & field teams. more

Device Guides

Device Guides

A rich repository of 18,000+ connected devices, covering 50+ configuration & troubleshooting how to guides for each device along with technical specifications more

SIM & Device Management Solutions


SIM OTA Platform

From updating SIM files to installing SIM applets; helping telecom operators to manage SIMs remotely through OTA. more

Auto Device Management

Automatic Device Management

Detect new devices latched to your network & push them the right configuration settings to ensure faster on-boarding & better customer experience more


VoLTE + RCS support

Enable your customers over VoLTE through Device Entitlement Server and RCS through Automatic Configuration server more


Increase Customer Self Service

Higher ARPU

  • Provide a seamless onboarding experience
  • Simplify support for connected consumers
  • VoLTE Support
Drive Digital Transformation

Increase Customer Self Service

  • Deploy telecom ready chatbot across self service channels
  • Solutions that help customers self diagnose device issues and maximize device efficiency.
  • Publish device and support guides across self service channels
Higher ARPU

Reduce Cost to Serve

  • Reduce Average Handling Time (AHT)
  • Provide live video assistance to reduce field visits.
  • Improve First Call Resolution (FCR)
Reduce Cost to Serve

Drive Digital Transformation

  • Remote assistance with Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Provide effective self service support
  • 5G & IoT Support

Flexible Deployment Solutions


On Premise

Use your private cloud to deploy the platform which helps in easy configuration while total control of servers & policies on your end.



Scalable & secure cloud deployment to get your solution deployed within a couple of days with regular updates of new features.


Hybrid Deployment

An algamated solution for your on premise and cloud service requirements on a unified platform.

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