Mobile Device Management Solution for Telecom Operators

Mobile Device Management Solution for telecom operators helps to detect new devices over the network and authenticate them with right settings over the air (OTA) for a seamless onboarding experience. Empower customers with self-service channels such as virtual assistants, websites, decision trees, visual how to guides, self-care applications and more to fix common issues related to installation or troubleshooting and increase C-SAT.

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Mobile Device Management solution for Telecom

Features of Mobile Device Management Solutions for Telecom Operators

Automatic Device Detection

Identify new devices on the network based on triplet and biplet (MSISDN, IMSI, IMEI) information and retrieve real-time device information including location, connection type, presence on the network, roaming and more. Device details can be used for configuration, troubleshooting as well as to promote new data services on subscriber devices.

Device Configuration

After detecting a new device on the network, device management solution automatically pushes the right APN and configuration settings utilizing the right device setup method such as manual SMS setup guide, standard OMA CP over the air configuration, etc. It facilitates immediate service consumption and strengthens customer experience.

Device Specific Offers

View real-time data of all the devices attached to the network. This detailed information helps operators gain insights into subscriber device behavior and target right subscribers with relevant offerings through marketing and promotion campaigns. Send loyalty offers to multi-SIM users to ensure they use the operator subscription for data.

Self-care Apps

Deploy a self-care application to help customers update personal details to pay bills, view or change data plans, and resolve queries. Push notifications or reminders about pending bill payments, exhausting data plan or prepaid balance. A self-care app serves as an effective promotion tool, therefore helping operators to pitch and sell value added services, based on the ones customers are using.

Virtual Assistant

AI aided virtual assistants offer an effective self service and provide quick resolutions to customer queries 24/7. These virtual assistants automate and scale responses to support requests such as maintenance, installation, troubleshooting and more and help reduce the workload of support agents. Chatbots can also make personalized recommendations based on customer behavior.

Device Entitlement Server

Solve VoLTE handset configuration problems by enabling over the air (OTA) configuration of operators’ service settings on a device. Device entitlement server helps telecom companies with a standardized way to authenticate VoLTE devices automatically and push settings on an XML file to the handsets over the air to allow customers to utilize the services they are entitled to.

Unbranded Devices

Our MDM solution is also applicable for subscribers using unbranded devices. Just one time menu identification helps in resolving queries and increasing customer experience. Also, it helps to provide manual setup guide over SMS for devices that do not support over the air configuration process.

Device Diagnostics

Self-diagnose technical issues related to devices and offer users with right troubleshooting steps to fix them. It helps to conduct a scan of devices and offers optimization tips after highlighting what's wrong with the device to maximize device efficiency.


Initiate new SIM services or change the contents of the SIM cards remotely without any need to call customer care. Manage, update and reconfigure SIM cards with new settings over the air. It helps subscribers to download or activate new services on the handset and use data, thereby increasing CX.

Benefits of Mobile Device Management Solutions for Telecom Operators

Enhance CX

Enhance CX

Offer a hassle-free onboarding experience to customers and empower them to use services they are entitled to, right away. Provide self-service tools such as self-care application, decision trees, visual how to guides and more to enable end-users solve issues on their own and increase customer satisfaction and experience.

Increase Revenue

Increase Revenue

Detect new devices on the network and configure them automatically allowing immediate service consumption. View real-time device analytics to make personalized recommendations through marketing and promotional campaigns. AI-powered chatbots also help to pitch customers for an upgrade in product or service, on the basis of their previous purchase history.

Reduce OPEX

Reduce OPEX

Provide access to self-healing solutions including self-care applications, websites, AI backed virtual assistants, decision trees, etc, and empower customers to easily troubleshoot common issues, thus reducing operational expenditure as well as increasing customer satisfaction. Remotely configure new subscriber devices and reduce customer centre calls and costs.

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