MDM Software for Restaurant mPOS Systems

One thing that can keep restaurant owners ahead of their competitors is the use of technology. Integrating mobile POS system in their operations is a key technological move for restaurants to achieve enhanced service levels. According to National Restaurant Association, 72% of guests believe restaurants that use technology provide increased convenience. Mobile point of sale (mPOS) solutions replace legacy systems like cash registers with a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone. They enable restaurants to accept payments through credit or debit cards and process orders quickly. However, their benefits and challenges go hand in hand, making it essential for restaurant owners to have an MDM Software in place. Let’s look at how mPOS systems benefit restaurateurs, what challenges they bring and how they can be solved.

  • Quicker Payments:
    Unlike a stationary POS system where customers have to wait in line, payment with an mPOS device is efficient and time saving as it is done in a single step. However, it comes along with the threat of misuse of sensitive transaction data. An MDM Software limits the device use only for accepting payments and orders, which eliminates the possibility of data exchange or misuse.
  • No More Pad-and-Pen Approach:
    Mobile POS systems facilitate orders by a simple tap on the screen replacing the old pad-and-pen approach. It looks modern and ensures accuracy while accepting orders. With mPOS devices, orders can be sent off to the kitchen and get printed for cooks, which saves time and effort of waiters and other staff members. On the other hand, when an mPOS device has access without restrictions, it can be used for things other than taking orders that impacts productivity and add to the order processing time. Enterprise Mobile Management can help restrict mobile device use only to its intended purpose.
  • Improved Communication between Front and Back-end Staff:
    Mobile POS devices can be networked with receipt printers, displays, and other devices to facilitate seamless communication between front and back-end staff. Thereby, it helps speedy execution of orders and minimizes the occurrence of errors. Simultaneously, with POS devices having multiple users, it is likely that they install unauthorized apps resulting in waste of time & productivity and excessive use of internet data. Mobile devices are also at the risk of getting stolen. Mobile Device Management for Android enables use of selective apps, restricts access to device settings, etc. that keeps such concerns at bay.

Restaurants with mPOS solutions witness operational efficiency, decreased customer service time, faster order execution, and quick payment disposal. Altogether, it leads to increased customer satisfaction. However, minimizing counter effects of technology calls for having proactive measures in place. DeviceMax’s award-winning solution for Android mobile device management offers comprehensive set of features like device lockdown, location tracking, Geo fencing, etc. for efficient mPOS management. Get in touch with us to discover more about MDM Software.

7 thoughts on “How mPOS Systems enhance Restaurant Customer Experience?”

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