POS Lockdown for
Android Devices

Restrict devices to run only POS application or a specific set of enterprise-approved apps to reduce data consumption and increase employee productivity.

Customers have noticed that their retail experience has been enhanced during checkouts, returns and feedbacks using a system at the counter. This is the point of sale (POS) system. Its main function is to perform sales transactions and process card payments. It is used for critical purposes like inventory management, customer relationship management, staff availability and management, labor reporting and sales management. It generates sales reports and charts.

Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) is a wireless device that performs the function of a cash register or electronic point of sale terminal. It enhances customer experience by making the service faster and offering multiple payment gateways. Companies offer a cloud-based solution along with the POS system where the data is synced and stored online. Hence, you have access to real-time data from your mobile phone which helps you make smarter and quicker business decisions.

Features of POS Lockdown for Android Devices

Benefits of POS Machines


Monitor SOP Compliance

Schedule periodic compliance checks to identify violations and lock or wipe a device remotely in case of a security breach. Detect rooted or jail-broken devices to prevent unauthorized access. Receive instant alerts regarding device battery level, data limit, geofence breach, rooting attempts and more.


Increase Security

Identify malicious applications and secure devices against OS vulnerabilities, virus or malware, network threats, and more. Configure Wi-Fi and VPN settings remotely on devices to prevent connections to malicious networks. Block file sharing access to restrict employees from sharing confidential data with others.


Minimize Downtime

Provide remote assistance to users in need of technical support to minimize device downtime. View device screen, take screenshots, install/uninstall apps, push or delete files remotely. Monitor device health status and send alerts in case defined threshold levels are met.


Reduce OPEX

Restrict access to insecure sites and non-business apps to reduce data consumption and device misuse. Monitor app wise data usage to reduce cellular expenses. Disable data roaming to prevent users from using data in roaming network.


Increase Brand Awareness

Manage a single source to push new offers along with segmentation analytics on devices. This helps brands to remotely control devices and show relevant offers on basis of geographies and other customer demographic parameters.

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