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Lock down devices into kiosk mode to run only business-specific apps and increase workforce productivity. Block social media applications, games and other entertainment apps to prevent distraction and limit excess data costs. Limit device functionalities to prevent misuse and increase data security. Monitor compliance metrics to get detailed information on devices that have exited the kiosk mode.

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Single or Multi App Mode

Restrict the device to run a single or a small set of enterprise approved applications and gain complete control over device to ensure it is used for business purposes. Disable camera, gallery, social media applications, games, etc and restrict back button to prevent users to exit the lockdown mode.


Website Whitelisting & Blacklisting

Allow access to specific websites on devices and enable secure browsing. A separate browser will be installed along with MDM application and rest all browsers get blocked once the policy is implemented. Enforce incognito mode and delete browser cache on devices remotely to increase security.


Application Management

Install applications and app updates remotely to devices without user intervention to keep kiosk up to date. Uninstall unauthorized or malicious applications to ensure that only safe and relevant apps are installed on devices. Disable unknown sources option to restrict third party application installation.


Real-time Device Tracking

View real-time location of devices and monitor device health status including battery percentage, signal strength, data usage, app updates, device storage, etc. Alerts can be sent in case defined threshold levels are met. Get proactive alerts on suspicious behavior and insights in case of any malpractice.


Manage Device Settings

Control and manage device settings widget over lockdown mode and remotely enable or disable it as per business requirements. Block factory reset to prevent users wipe the device data and disable unknown sources to restrict third party application installation.


Password-protected Kiosk Mode

Lockdown mode can only be enabled or disabled by admins remotely as per business requirements and a password option is available over the kiosk for users to uninstall or exit it. Disable power and home button to prevent users from exiting kiosk mode.


Control Peripheral Access

Selectively allow user access to device peripherals such as bluetooth, screen brightness, Wi-Fi, audio, flashlight, screen rotation, and more. Block guest user mode, task manager and safe mode to ensure access of business lockdown applications and policies.


Remote Control

View device screen, push files and provide remote assistance to users in real-time to decrease device downtime. Keep device data always on to maintain communication between MDM app and server so that end user’s day to day activities can be tracked.


Branding Support

Take branding one step ahead by customizing lockdown home page with company logo, advertisements, values and use it as a wallpaper on devices. It helps to build a customized enterprise experience and provides users with a sense of identity.

Benefits of Remote Device Lockdown


Increase Data Security

Restrict messages, file-sharing access, screen capture functionality, and more, to prevent users from sharing confidential corporate data with others. Lock or wipe a device remotely in case it is lost or stolen. Keep business applications and data in a separate virtual container in employee-owned devices to block unauthorized access.


Increase Employee Productivity

Track real-time location of employees and monitor routes followed by them. Troubleshoot device issues remotely and disable social media apps, games, camera, gallery, etc to increase employee performance. Equip devices with business-specific apps and push files, app updates remotely.


Expense Management

Adapting BYOD policy has helped enterprises save on employee device costs and reduce OPEX. Monitor cellular expenses by tracking app wise data usage of each device. Restrict access to non-business applications such as social media apps, games, and other entertainment applications to reduce data consumption and device misuse.

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