Revenue & Device Finance Protection

Telecom operators across the world are finding new and innovative ways to enhance profitability without increasing risk. Device management solution empowers mobile operators to manage the entire device lifecycle, and eliminate smartphone theft and fraud. The software allows operators to remotely manage and secure devices to safeguard device investment as well as minimize risk.

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Use Cases



The software empowers telecom operators to reduce smartphone fraud by allowing them to remotely lock customer device in case of missed payments. The operator can also reduce device functionality such as switching off bluetooth, Wi-Fi, applications, voice calls and more. This helps to prevent the use as well as resale of devices.


Securing financed, subsidized and leased devices

With the help of device management software, telecom companies can prevent the use and resale of devices if the customer does not pay installments. Once a lease agreement ends, device can be locked remotely if the customer does not returns it back.


Supply Chain

The device management platform helps operators secure their mobile devices from the moment they leave the factory to when they are recycled. In case a device gets stolen, the solution enables to lock the device completely, thus, making it unusable. This helps to minimize device theft by removing its resale value.



Network subsidies are prone to fraudulent behaviors. However, with device management software, operators can secure these subsidies with SIM lock, thus, increasing their financial return. Devices can be locked to the mobile operator’s network. It helps to ensure that the subscriber remains on the network until the operator can re-coup its subsidy investment.



In case of non-payment of bills, mobile operators can communicate with subscribers and remind them about the bill payment. The software also allows operators to remotely lock the customer device or reduce its functionality in case of non-payment. This helps them to manage and control the devices to minimize risk.


Solution for Mobile Insurers

Mobile insurance fraud costs companies a lot every year. However, leveraging device management solution, insurance companies can gather real time data about the smartphone such as IMEI, memory, model, OEM and more. This information helps them to identify whether the device is lost or stolen and eligible for insurance.



With the help of device management solution, telecom operators can also provide remote support to customers. The software assists in offering users insights into device health and provides them troubleshooting steps to resolve common device issues.


Companion Device

The solution helps to secure companion devices such as wearables, tablets, and more that are often used as incentives. If the customer does not pays the plan, the main device as well as all the companion devices can be remotely locked.



Customers are offered multiple services on the purchase of new smartphones such as data plans, free calls or SMS, and more. This reduces the upfront cost of device for customer with an expectation that the investment will pay off over time.

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