Manage, reconfigure and update subscriber SIM cards with new settings over the air without physical connectivity. Manage files, applets and entire SIM card lifecycle over the air remotely to enhance customer service and increase revenue. SIM OTA platform offers a cost-effective way to manage dual SIM numbers, network brand name, SIM data, preferred roaming networks and more.

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Features of SIM OTA

SIM Lifecycle Management

Manage complete SIM card lifecycle remotely, beginning from the new account activation through multiple upgrades and roaming updates to SIM card cancellation or swap. It helps operators to streamline SIM ordering process, subscriber activation, onboarding as well as deactivation.

Remote File Management

Update any file on SIM card’s file system, provided it is allowed to be modified over the air. SIM OTA platform allows to read or exchange any SIM card files and delivers proprietary SIM toolkit applications which use SIM file system structure to save application variables.

Remote Applet Management

It enables to load, install or remove applets from a SIM card. Package loading process can be managed by the service provider through a loading session with the SIM card. Depending on the applet size, numerous messages might be used for the process of package loading.

Campaign Manager

The campaign manager feature of SIM OTA platform enables telecom operators to update same settings on a large number of active SIM cards. It delivers updates for standards-compliant variables including Service Provider Name (SPN), forbidden network list, preferred network list, SIM address book entries and more.

Roaming Management

It supports SIM based roaming steering and facilitates automatic preferred network selection in a visited network based on organization rules & operator contracts. Configure preferred roaming distribution for users across networks in visited countries without the need for (proprietary) scripting or development.

Welcome SMS

Send a welcome SMS automatically to subscribers when they reach a foreign destination. Push information such as relevant customer service or general roaming instructions to users to elevate international roaming experience. Welcome SMS helps with a low cost marketing tool to provide relevant information to network subscribers.

Mobile Marketing

Leverage SIM cards to engage with subscribers and send marketing messages to specific target groups of subscribers. It offers an efficient and cost-effective way to reach customers and keep your brand on top of their mind.

E-SIM Management

E-SIM management allows to download SIM profiles over the air (OTA) and manage the lifecycle of cellular subscriptions remotely. It helps to change connectivity provider over the air as well as supports multiple operator profiles on one SIM.


Reports are generated to offer details about message delivery results and to ensure proper processing of requests. SIM OTA platform provides reports for applet management, profile management, campaign reports, steering reports and more.

Benefits of SIM OTA

Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty

Increase customer loyalty with better knowledge of subscriber devices as well as their usage and provide superior connectivity service. Manage SIM cards remotely and launch or modify value added services to enhance CX. Provide high quality roaming experience to users when they reach an international destination.

Save Cost

Save Cost

SIM OTA platform helps to activate new services, thus empowering operators to save costs. It allows communication with subscriber SIM cards enabling remote application as well as SIM card content downloading and management, thereby increasing customer experience and reducing operational costs.

Increase Revenue

Increase Revenue

Deliver value added SIM applications to provide new services and increase revenue. Streamline roaming network partner selection in real-time for maximum profitability. Offer low rates to subscribers in roaming areas to increase service usage, customer experience as well as revenue.

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