Equipment Identity Register (EIR)

Safeguarding mobile users and industry integrity by addressing critical issues in the mobile ecosystem.




Revenue Security

By preventing the use of unauthorized or stolen devices, we protect our revenue. This proactive measure reduces the likelihood of fraudulent practices such as SIM cloning ensuring that our subscribers use legitimate devices.


Subscriber Protection

Devicemax EIR plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of our users. It ensures that only genuine and authorized devices can connect to our network, reducing the risk of fraudulent activities.


Blocking Unauthorized Device

The EIR empowers us to identify and block devices that lack proper authorization to connect to our network, thus averting unauthorized or fraudulent access.


Prevention of Stolen Devices

Our EIR is instrumental in preventing the use of stolen mobile devices. For a stolen device, its IMEI is blacklisted in the EIR, rendering it unusable on our network.


Defense Against Cloning

Our EIR plays a crucial role in preventing the cloning of IMEI numbers, a practice often exploited for fraudulent purposes. By maintaining an up-to-date record of valid IMEIs, our EIR significantly enhances the overall security of our mobile network.

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