eSIM Management Platform

Remotely manage eSIM with devicemax.

Remote File Management

The OTA platform streamlines the remote administration of eSIMs, allowing for configuration updates to be performed from a distance.Our system is equipped with the essential commands and mechanisms needed for these remote updates. RFM is especially advantageous in situations where devices are deployed in the field, such as IoT devices, connected cars, or industrial machinery. Remote application of updates helps conserve both time and resources.

End-of-Life Management

Remote management features enable the deactivation of eSIM profiles when devices reach the end of their lifecycle or no longer in use.Profiles can be remotely set to expire after a certain period, ensuring that devices remain connected only for the required duration. These remote management features collectively contribute to the agility, security, and operational efficiency of eSIM-enabled devices across diverse applications and industries.

Multi-profile Management

Multi-profile eSIM management provides the ability to store and manage multiple eSIM profiles on a device.With this feature, without physically changing SIM cards,users can switch between different mobile network profiles.It is advantageous for individuals who frequently travel or wish to change between various mobile plans or carriers without the inconvenience of physically swapping SIM cards.

Our mobile SDK has the ability to locally manage eSIMs on Android devices. This local management capability allows to perform tasks without relying on external servers or remote platforms offering a degree of autonomy and flexibility in managing eSIM-related operations and to control eSIM funcionalities within the confines of the Android device itself.

Industry-wise Use Cases

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