Trends that are Driving Enterprise Mobility Management in 2017

Enterprise Mobility Management

2017 has so far witnessed disruptive changes in the enterprise mobility management (EMM) space and it will continue following the same direction in its subsequent part. With an increasing rush in the number of mobile devices and they being not restricted to smartphones alone, companies need to be in a more strategic position than ever to strengthen their mobility programmes. EMM will be characterized by concerns about growing complexity in hardware, and rise of enterprise apps along with an increased focus on IoT.

Here are the trends that are driving EMM in 2017:

1. IoT making a Big Impact on Enterprise Mobility: With 24 billion IoT devices expected to be connected to the internet by 2020, IoT is largely impacting the way organizations operate. This relates to managing and securing an extensive network of interconnected devices. Alongside, the new level of digitization promised by IoT has also changed the way businesses interact with their partners, and customers. Thus, the scope of business mobility management needs to grow. Enterprise Mobile Device Management Software can enable companies effectively secure each connected device on their network.

2. The Exponential Rise in Mobile Apps: As predicted by Gartner, enterprise mobile apps will outstrip available development capacity five to one. Apps will perform better and work even without internet connectivity. This makes it necessary for companies to have better means in place to manage apps along with the data they generate. Resorting to a trusted mobile application management software can help with effective remote management of apps.

3. Tracking Diverse Mobile Assets Using EMM: The increased influx of connected devices have created challenges for companies to keep their diverse mobile assets in check. In order to track widespread mobile IT assets, enterprise mobile device management capabilities like location tracking and geo fencing need to be strengthened.

The bottom line – it is time for businesses to carve their mobility strategies in a way that ensures they stay abreast the latest trends. DeviceMax delivers services to some of the top enterprises helping them overcome their mobility challenges. Contact us for effective EMM solutions.

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