Unified Dashboard
for 100% Visibility

Gain real-time visibility over the entire device fleet across different locations from a single platform. Gain actionable insights about all the managed devices including battery status, application installation summary, data usage, enrolment status, compliance metrics, network status and more. Proactively detect issues and avert risks to enhance overall performance.

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Features of Unified Dashboard


Real-time Data

MDM draws real-time data from all the managed devices and converts them into insightful reports on the central dashboard. It enhances operational intelligence and enables to identify issues proactively thus helping to drive business forward without any disruption.


Device Compliance Status

Get an overview of all the enrolled devices and their compliance status. View device health reports or the number of devices that have exceeded data limit. It helps detect issues that can negatively impact the business and triggers an alert if a problem is identified.


Customized Admin Rights

Mobile device management allows admin to assign various roles with certain privileges to other technicians. Create user levels and provide with read or execution rights as per operator policy. Manage all the devices while other users can configure the dashboard as per given rights.


Corporate Data Security

Detect rooted or jail-broken devices to prevent unauthorized access. View a list of devices that have exited the kiosk mode, and enforce strict security measures. Restrict messages, file-sharing access, bluetooth, camera, etc to prevent users from sharing enterprise data with others.


Real-time Device Tracking

Retrieve comprehensive device information from dashboard such as OS info, IP address, brand model, APN, signal strength, battery percentage, memory storage information, etc. Keep track of all devices and manage a complete list of enrolled, inactive and locked devices.


Location Tracking

Location tracking of enrolled devices on a centralised dashboard with geographical coordinates to know the last operational location. It helps to calculate distance covered in a day by field agents and provides visibility to manage travel expenses with approvals if required.


Application Installation Summary

Identify active applications on devices and remotely install or uninstall them on devices. Regularly send updates related to business apps to ensure that all users have the latest version. Get details about applications installed on devices such as app version, app entitlement by user, app publisher, etc.


Policy Management

Gain an overview of the policies enforced on all the devices under management. It lists policy details managed and implemented by the organization. Also, MDM helps to enforce policies automatically on newly enrolled devices in existing or new groups, thus, no need for admin to push policies again.


Central Device Management

Manage all the corporate devices from a single platform to deploy remote actions such as lock or wipe devices, publish contacts, create new admin, etc. The central dashboard extracts actionable insights from all the managed devices and helps make informed decisions to streamline business processes.

How does it work?


Device data

Get an overview of entire device ecosystem including enrolment status, location history, online and offline devices, network status, application installation summary, policy management and more. Retrieve device information and get a complete list of enrolled, locked and inactive devices.


Compliance Metrics

Gather details about device compliance status such as number of devices that have exited the kiosk mode. Gain an overview of battery status and data usage and send alerts when defined threshold levels are met. Detect violations and take instant action to secure data.


Improve operational processes

Gain actionable insights about device performance and troubleshoot issues to increase business efficiency and employee productivity. Extract crucial data about compliance violations and make informed decisions to secure corporate data.

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