VoLTE Device Entitlement

VoLTE Device entitlement server helps solve handset configuration problems and enables over the air authentication of operators’ service settings on a device. Push correct settings to the device through an XML file over the air and empower subscribers to use the services they are entitled to.

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Easy Configuration

VoLTE device entitlement server allows for easy configuration of VoLTE handsets. Automatically detect VoLTE devices in real-time and configure and enable subscribers to use the services they are entitled to.


Secondary Devices

VoLTE device entitlement server also assists to authenticate secondary devices. For example - the open ID method enables authentication and configuration of secondary devices without a SIM card.


Increase Revenue

Offer new services to VoLTE subscribers such as multi-SIM as well as provisioning companion devices including laptops, smart watches, smart watches, trackers and more to increase revenue.


OTP Authentication

SMS based OTP (One Time Password) process for the devices supporting it. In the OTP authentication procedure, DES fetches device MSISDN through an HTTP request and sends an OTP to the device through an SMS for successful configuration of the VoLTE handset.


Device & User Authentication

An IMS is a fully IP based system, because of which any device can connect to it. However, DES helps to enforce device and user authentication so that correct settings and services can be activated on the devices. It enables handsets to enforce access only to allowed services.


Accelerate Service Adoption

Authenticate VoLTE devices automatically and enable subscribers to enjoy services they are entitled to. DES helps customers to seamlessly benefit from VoLTE features such as conversational video, high definition voice, etc to increase customer satisfaction.


Reduce Overhead Costs

Previously, due to lack of automatic device configuration, operators had to order handsets with a pre-provisioned VoLTE device client software hard-coded with settings that resulted in increased investments. However, DES simplifies authentication of VoLTE handsets and reduces overhead costs.


Enhance Customer Experience

Provide advanced management of services such as VoLTE, VoWiFi, etc to make traffic management more efficient, offering high customer service and increasing CX. Configure settings automatically on handsets for immediate data consumption at high speed.


Gain Competitive Advantage

Device entitlement server enables telecom operators to gain competitive advantage over rival service providers by offering an efficient solution to solve handset configuration problems. DES helps to unlock the true potential of VoLTE services and increase service adoption.

How does it work?


Automatic Device Detection

Automatically detect all the VoLTE handsets latched on to the network with the help of VoLTE device entitlement server. The process can be triggered by handset power-on or SIM card insertion.


Automatic Device Configuration

After detecting the device, device entitlement server helps to centrally and automatically authenticate VoLTE handsets, after which settings can be pushed to the devices on an XML file over the air (OTA).


Start Using

After the successful configuration of VoLTE handsets, subscribers can start using their devices with VoLTE services. Customers can experience better call quality, faster connection time and more which helps enhance CX and increase service adoption.

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