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How to Guides & Simulators

Empower support teams with an exhaustive repository of ready reckoner to resolve queries related to installation & troubleshooting. Deploy across self service for customers as a part of your digital transformation strategy.

Contactless support


Visually engage customers and assist them in navigating through troubleshooting steps to resolve technical issues related to devices. This helps in faster resolution delivery and reduction in field visits as well as support costs.

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Fixed Line & 5G

Integrating with your backend systems, thus allowing contact center agents to drive co-browsing with customer consent to remotely fix issues, thereby reducing field visits by engineers, also reducing overall support costs.

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Device & Support Guides

Our vast repository of 18,000+ connected devices that includes smartphones, routers, IPTVs, IoT devices & more that covers over 40+ scenarios related to installation & troubleshooting. Updations in repository are done on regular basis.

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Solutions for
Unbranded Devices

Our MDM solution is also applicable for markets where branded smartphone penetration is not heavy and subscribers are using unbranded devices. One time menu identification of unbranded devices helps in resolving queries.

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Device Care & Online Support

Resolve support queries directly using self-healing solutions to deflect tickets at contact centers related to troubleshooting. Enable support agents to work on critical queries by deploying a telecom ready chatbot

Self Healing Apps

Be it a self-care app or SDK to be a part of your self-care app, we provide solutions that will facelift the experience of your current in-app support & increasing CSAT.

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Device Diagnostics

Solutions that help in self diagnosing technical issues related to devices and prompt customers with the right troubleshooting steps required to fix them.

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Device Self Care

Provide customers insights regarding device health and help them in troubleshooting issues. Increase CX and reduce call volume as well as operational expenses.

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Virtual Assistant

Telecom ready chatbot to handle top queries related to billing, network, connectivity and more. Deflect tickets at your contact centers and enable digital adoption.

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SIM & Device Management Solutions

A diversified portfolio of SIM & Device solutions helps operators to be future ready to make the best of 5G rollouts, IoT deployments. Aside from that, keep control of all your devices remotely.



Use cases from SPN change to IMSI management can be managed using a SIM OTA platform. Helping operators understand consumer consumption better and eventually increase data ARPU.

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Device Management

Auto detect new devices latched on to your network by subscribers and push them the right APN & configuration settings for a seamless on-boarding experience to increase customer experience.

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volte support

VoLTE Support

Operators have invested a lot in launching 4G & VoLTE solutions for today’s connected consumer. Helping operators to auto configure settings for immediate data consumption at high speed.

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Enterprise MDM

Deliver more value to your enterprise customers with solutions related to device lockdown, remote management, data erase from device, geo fencing and more as a bundled offering.

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Benefits Delivered



Devicemax assists support specialists handle complex issues while keeping CSAT on top. Our MDM solution also helps your team gain insights on the internal processes and examine tangible results in the form of reduced AHT, OPEX reduction and overall customer happiness.

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Higher ARPU

A seamless onboarding experience and ready to use data leads to more consumption by subscribers. This allows you to push through right plans, offering relevant information which helps in increasing Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) and overall revenue growth of your line of business.

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Cost Reduction

Our solution empowers customers with immediate access to self-service channels such as websites, self-care apps, how to guides, & chatbots. This enables users to troubleshoot common issues without the need of any help-desk tickets thus helping you to boost customer experience and reduce OPEX.

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Flexible Deployment Solutions


On Premise

Use your private cloud to deploy the platform which helps in easy configuration while total control of servers & policies on your end.



Scalable & secure cloud deployment to get your solution deployed within a couple of days with regular updates of new features.


Hybrid Deployment

Use your private cloud to deploy the platform which helps in easy configuration while total control of servers & policies on your end.


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About Devicemax

Devicemax provides solutions to industries including but not limited to Logistics, Field Support, Retail, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and more.

Our MDM & Lockdown solutions help in multiple use cases related to field operations and logistics.

One of our key value proposition is a rich repository of over 18,000 devices, that helps telecom & media providers to help customers in installation & troubleshooting related queries.

Our solutions are enabling enterprises in more than 25 countries to drive revenue, reduce cost and maintain high standards of security with an overall mission of setting up benchmarks for customer engagement & experience.

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