Contactless support for remote installation, troubleshooting & assistance

Contactless support provides live assistance over video call that is the future of tech support. Imagine an ecosystem where your agents, on-ground technicians as well as customers can get on a video call with specialists to resolve issues instead of booking field visits which lead in frustrating customers and rising support costs. Real time visual engagement backed with mixed reality helps in making this possible.

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Touchless support

Visual Engagement

Visual engagements have come a long way now and humans have moved from text to images and images to video. The next step here is a video conference with agents which helps in agents getting visibility of devices and accordingly being able to help customers navigate through the next best step for resolving and technical support which will be required. This helps in faster resolution and reducing field visits.

Visual Engagement


A consent based approach where remote tech support team sends a message to customer to allow camera permission for the call. This allows agent to see the hardware in real time basis. Agent can now suggest troubleshooting steps using annotations and mixed reality using which customer can perform steps if necessary on the device. This results in reducing AHT for tech support calls and avoiding unnecessary field visits.



Agents can now show visual poach marks to customers which can be viewed on their mobile screen while pointing towards a router, IPTV or other connected device with highlights as well as text messages about next steps to be undertaken. These steps can be colour coded along with different shapes. Even on field technicians can get help from expert specialists while fixing industrial & heavy grade communication equipment.


Mixed Reality

This is a combination of augmented reality as well as virtual reality. There are multiple use cases of mixed reality starting from product consulting, to sales and eventually support. Innovation in this area leads in faster conversions and better first call resolutions that help in driving adoption and increased revenue per user.

Mixed Reality

Evolution of support for Telecom Operators

Operators are always on top with their offerings and have evolved from cellular to data to broadband and now 5G Support.

With this evolution, the ways of providing support to consumers also needs to be elevated. Technologies such as AR & VR have introduced mixed reality (MR).

Allowing users to use the camera of their smartphone which enables in real time AI based support explaining about the installation or troubleshooting process.

Evolution of support for Telecom Operators

How to Guides & Simulators

Empower support teams with an exhaustive repository of ready reckoner to resolve queries related to installation & troubleshooting. Deploy across self service for customers as a part of your digital transformation strategy.


Fixed Line

Integrating with your backend systems, thus allowing contact center agents to drive co-browsing with customer consent to remotely fix issues, thereby reducing field visits by engineers, also reducing overall support costs.

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Device & Support

Our vast repository of 18,000+ connected devices that includes smartphones, routers, IPTVs, IoT devices & more that covers over 40+ scenarios related to installation & troubleshooting. Updations in repository are done on regular basis.

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Solutions for Unbranded Devices

Our MDM solution is also applicable for markets where branded smartphone penetration is not heavy and subscribers are using unbranded devices. One time menu identification of unbranded devices helps in resolving queries.

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Device Care & Online

Support Resolve support queries directly using self-healing solutions to deflect tickets at contact centers related to troubleshooting. Enable support agents to work on critical queries by deploying a telecom ready chatbot

Self Healing App

Self Healing Apps

Be it a self-care app or SDK to be a part of your self-care app, we provide solutions that will facelift the experience of your current in-app support & increasing CSAT.

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Device Diagnostics

Solutions that help in self diagnosing technical issues related to devices and prompt customers with the right troubleshooting steps required to fix them.

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Device Self Care

Provide customers insights regarding device health and help them in troubleshooting issues. Increase CX and reduce call volume as well as operational expenses.

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Virtual Assistant

Telecom ready chatbot to handle top queries related to billing, network, connectivity and more. Deflect tickets at your contact centers and enable digital adoption.

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